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Condition Good
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Location United States
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These Strong Gladiator II 2.5kW Followspots have been cleaned and serviced by in-house technicians and are in good working condition.

The Gladiator II lamphouse has been designed for maximum efficiency and performance utilizing an exclusive deep ellipsoidal "cold" metal reflector.  This cold-coated dichroic reflector absorbs the heat generating infrared light and produces a clean crisp beam of light.  The 2.5 KW Xenon lamp provides instant full power and stable color temperature “daylight quality light.

The Strong Gladiator II, like all Strong followspots, is equipped with our exclusive Single Handle Zoom System (SHZ).  This system utilizes a unique optical design that gathers light from the reflector and intensifies the beam of light as the unit is changed from flood to spot with only the use of just a single handle.

A variable output power supply is furnished with a potentiometer for fine current output adjustment. A 208/230 volt, single or three phase,50/60 H, AC source is required. A control cable is furnished with connectors for quick, easy connection.

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What's Included

(1) Gladiator II 2.5kW Followspot
(1) Power Supply
(1) Stand
(6) Gel Frame
(4) Mounting Bolt

Used Strong Gladiator II 2.5kW Followspot | For Sale | Strong

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