Used Lighting

Find used audio, used lighting, used video, used staging and used power distribution for the event, church and production industries. Solaris is the worlds premiere distributor of theater and concert equipment and is the only distributor that specializes in finding the best maintained equipment for our clients.

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Moving Stage Lights

Used Moving Stage Lights

Intelligent lighting or moving lights are essentially a kind of lighting on stage that has the capability of moving thanks to its unified mechanical parts that go way beyond the moving ability of traditional non-moving lights. Moving lights are c...

Lighting Consoles

Used Lighting Consoles

Electronic devices used to provide theatrical lighting or lighting at concerts are lighting consoles. These lighting systems are typically able to control multiple lights at the same time. Lighting consoles can be found throughout the entertainment s...

LED Lighting

Used LED Lighting

A specialized type of stage light is LED lighting, which is lifesaver for stage lighting technicians since they are able to provide high lighting output while only consuming a small amount of power. Oftentimes, they are used on stage instead of tradi...

Effects Lighting

Used Effects Lighting

Effects Lighting is a crucial part of any live performance, musical performance and theatrical stage play. The effects of lighting play a major role in affecting the emotions of audience and their peripheral senses. Proper effects lighting can great...

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