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This listing is for a Package of (12) Electro-Voice XSub Dual 18' Subwoofers. These items are from 2007 and are in good working condition.

The Electro-Voice X-Line is a fully configurable linear sound reinforcement system. It is designed to allow one-person rigging while exhibiting both flat-front long-throw and curved front arc segment or J-box orientations. X-Line, Electro-Voice s realization of that classic J orientation, maximizes vertical-plane wave summing and eliminates the physical gaps between the rectangular enclosures at the J portion of the hang. Because such gaps separate the high-frequency radiating planes and result in non-coherent summing when the wavelengths are shorter than the spacings between rectangular enclosures, the X-Line simply provides cleaner sound.

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What's Included

(12) XSub Dual 18' Subwoofer
(4) Transport Dolly

Used Electro-Voice XSub Dual 18' Subwoofer (Package of 12) | For Sale | Electro-Voice

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