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Quantity 1
Condition Good
Year Call for Age
Location United Kingdom
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This listing is for a Package of (10) Coemar Infinity Spot M moving lights. They were used in a rental inventory and have about 500 hours of use. They show signs of minor wear but they are in good working condition. Dual road cases, lamps (as is), brackets, and clamps are included in this package.

The Infinity Spot M offers the technologically advanced professional lighting tools, sized in a micro body. Designed to be the next generation of essential moving lights, super-fast zoom mode from 9deg to 42deg in 0.4s, 2 prisms, rotating aerial effect, break up effects, 3D effect, film frame effect, proportional frost, superior frost, superior quality projections and dimming, CMY and color wheel.

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What's Included

(10) Infinity Spot M
(10) Lamp (as is)
(5) Dual Road Case
Hanging Brackets

Used Coemar Infinity Spot M (Package of 10) | For Sale | Coemar

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