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These Electro-Voice EVA-2082S 1220 White Line Array Speakers are in good working condition.

The Electro-Voice EVA Series (Expandable Vertical Array) is designed to provide full bandwidth, well defined coverage from easily created line arrays using four different preconfigured 2-way modules. Two vertical coverage angles, 6deg and 20deg, can be combined to create line arrays optimized for spaces ranging from 12m (40ft) to greater than 60m (200ft) deep. Two horizontal coverage angles, 90deg and 120deg, provide the perfect match for any width. Each module consists of two elements, each 2-way element containing an 8 woofer and two compression drivers mounted on a hydra/waveguide combination. High order passive networks couple the element's transducers, and the array element to additional elements to provide plane wave radiation and response equal to DSP-driven high end systems. Impedance management allows full array drive (up to 4 modules) from a single amplifier channel at 4 ohms. Matching subwoofer module is available when response below 50 Hz is required. EVA systems can be used in a variety of fixed installation applications where high quality sound reinforcement and even coverage are required from a compact , lightweight, unobtrusive array

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(1) EVA-2082S 1220 Line Array (White)

Used Electro-Voice EVA-2082S 1220 Line Array (White) | For Sale | Electro-Voice

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