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This listing is for a Package of (11) Color Kinetics iColor Flex SL, 4" Black LED units. These items were used for a few events. They show signs of minor wear and they are in good working condition. The Color Kinetics PDS-60ca units have been painted black and are fitted with a half-coupler. 

Included in this package are:

  • (11) iColor Flex SL, 4" Black (Translucent Dome)
  • (6) PDS-60ca DMX/Ethernet, Black w/ Half-Coupler

The iColor Flex SL strand provides accent or perimeter lighting and can be used as a component of a custom fixture. iColor Flex SL provides lighting professionals with a building block to create and design custom applications such as curtain walls, to line a building facade to display custom effects, or to present animation. Use iColor Flex SL as a traditional string light or custom mount it using the accessory mounting clips or mounting track.

iColor Flex SL is a strand of 50 individually addressable LED nodes driven by Color Kinetics' Chromasic technology which integrates power, communication, and control. Each node can be addressed making the iColor Flex SL extraordinarily flexible, allowing any node to be any color at any time. The Chromasic chip and a tri-colored LED make up the node, which is mounted in a small plastic housing available with clear or translucent, dome or tall lenses. The nodes are available in two spacings, mounted either every four or twelve inches along a three-wire, 18 AWG cable. Custom spacing is available by special order. Each iColor Flex SL strand has a 20-foot leader from the power/data supply to the first node. The standard colors for iColor Flex SL are white and black.

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What's Included

(11) iColor Flex SL, 4" Black (Translucent Dome)
(6) PDS-60ca DMX/Ethernet, Black w/ Half-Coupler

Used Color Kinetics iColor Flex SL, 4" Black (Package of 11) | For Sale | Philips/Color Kinetics

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