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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2008
Location Europe
Case Type Dollies
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 7 Day


Perfect conditions. Seller will be responsible of the set-up, care, clean and service of the system before dispatch.

What's Included

(6) XSUB

(2) Dollies
Speaker cables included for all XSubs.

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Electro-VoiceProminent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.

Product Information

Xsub f

Xsub f

Development of the new EV X-Line? system was driven by the need for a high-level concert touring enclosure that combines the sonic impact and vocal intelligibility of the renowned X-Array? system with the uniform, predictable coverage that only a line-array configuration can deliver. The EV engineering team set out to develop the next generation of line-array systems, combining their years of experience in the development of X-Array? with the absolute latest state-of-the-art technologies. As a matter of course, X-Line? features the essential acoustical advantage of RMD?.

The X-Line? system was designed to provide wide horizontal dispersion (90 degrees) from a single vertical line array while providing exceptionally coherent wavefront summing in the vertical plane. At the heart of X-Line? is a proprietary high-frequency wavefront alignment and summation device - the Hydra? -- that provides Planar and time-coherent signal addition. The broad bandwidth vertical Planar summing provides uniform sound field distribution throughout the listening area.

Stereo imaging is improved by the X-Line's full-bandwidth mid-bass loading. Extended low-frequency polar control produces more uniform power response, further enhancing overall system intelligibility. The overall power response of the X-Line? is very uniform across a wide frequency spectrum, thus enabling the system's very musical sonic character.


Electro-Voice Prominent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.

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