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Meyer Sound
Meyer Sound
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Quantity 8 (Minimum Order 2)
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2001
Location North America
Case Type Dollies & Covers
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 7 Day


What's Included

(1) MSL-4
(1) Canvas covers
(1) Wheel Dolly

Used MSL-4 | For Sale | Meyer Sound

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Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound

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Established by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Meyer Sound has been at the forefront of innovation in audio engineering for over two decades. From the outset, Meyer Sound looked beyond loudspeaker cabinet design to create totally integrated,...

Product Information



The Meyer Sound MSL-4 is a high-Q, arrayable loudspeaker designed for a wide variety of medium- to Long-Throw applications. The MSL-4's tightly defined coverage pattern allows seamless integration into array clusters, which may be tight-packed for long throw or splayed for broader coverage.

The MSL-4's built-in power amplifier and control electronics are contained in an easily accessible, field-replaceable module. The amplifier, a class AB/H design with complementary MOSFET output stages, produces peak output of 1240 watts (620 watts per channel). The integrated control electronics includes TruPower limiting for driver protection, as well as active phase correction circuits to maintain exceptionally coherent phase response. Superior common-mode rejection from laser-trimmed differential inputs allows very long signal runs. An Intelligent AC Power Supply affords automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on and surge suppression to ensure system stability and long-term reliability.

All components are housed in a rugged, multi-ply hardwood cabinet with a black textured finish. The MSL-4 comes standard with six aircraft pan fittings (ring and stud), with QuickFly rigging optional.

The MSL-4 is compatible with Meyer Sound's RMS remote monitoring system.

Meyer Sound

Established by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Meyer Sound has been at the forefront of innovation in audio engineering for over two decades. From the outset, Meyer Sound looked beyond loudspeaker cabinet design to create totally integrated, systems-comprehensive solutions that encompass transducer design, signal processing, power amplification and even electroacoustic measurement systems. As a result, Meyer Sound's engineering teams have earned an enviable reputation for developing unique, innovative solutions to some of the most difficult problems confronting audio professionals. In fact, it is fundamental to John Meyer's philosophy that no component of a system should be compromised in order to compensate for variables "upstream" or "downstream." Instead, the entire system should be conceived, designed, tested, confirmed and manufactured as a whole to provide the optimum blend of audio fidelity, utility and long-term reliability.

Used Custom Speakers

Custom speakers are customized loud speakers which have been built for a special purpose. Sometimes, in concerts or theaters, sound technicians require customized speakers so that the quality and characteristics of the sound waves can be adjusted to suit their specific intentions. Other types, people simply have a preference for a certain custom speakerā??s designs, and these need to be specially made. Itā??s possible for any type of speaker system to be made into customized loud speakers. Custom speakers include full range drivers, mid range speakers, tweeters, woofers, subwoofers and even coaxial speakers. Sometimes custom speakers are needed to be able to withstand certain atmospheric or weather extremes, such as in the case of speakers which will be used in outdoor venues. These custom speakers can be specially designed to withstand various extremes of temperature and humidity levels, while they are also designed to stand up to inclement weather like rain, frost, dust storms etc. Customized loud speakers built for outdoor venues are known for their reliability, as they are made from tough, high-performance cone materials. These materials have been proved to stand up to the worst extremes of cold and heat, aridity and humidity, and so custom speakers such as these are highly prized in outdoor venues. Ordering custom speakers is simple. Just state what kind of temperature and weather extremes you need the custom speakers to withstand, and we can suggest the best materials for the job.

MSL-4 - Carpeted MSL-4. In very good condition. Used for side-fills and small concerts.
MSL-4 - MSL-4 Package of (4) in good condition. Previously used on rentals.
MSL-4 - Package of (6) MSL-4 horn loaded long-throw loudspeakers in good condition.
MSL-4 - MSL-4 in great condition, previously used on rentals.
MSL-4 - MSL-4 in great condition, previously used on various rentals.
MSL-4 - Package of (6) MSL-4 with L Track in great condition.
MSL-4 - All looked over by a certified technical.
MSL-4 - All have L-Trak, good foam, and their current condition is a 7-8 out of 10. Comes with a 30 day warr...
MSL-4 - Kept in a clean environment. Will be protected before shipping.
MSL-4 - Package of (4) MSL-4, (2) DS4, (2) Subgrave and (1) LD2 in good condition.
MSL-4 Package - Package of (4) MSL-4, and (4) 650P in good condition.
MSL-4 - MSL-4 in good condition.
MSL-4 - Package of (12) MSL4 and (6) DS-4P(s).
MSL-4 - Ex rental MSL4's. No longer required and seller wants something new.
MSL-4 - Package of (12) MSL-4 in great condition, previously used on rentals.

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