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Quantity 2 (Minimum Order 2)
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2010
Location Europe
Case Type Cardboard
Previous Use Demo/Refurb
Warranty 2 Month


What's Included

(1) LAB 15
(1) DSP Card
(1) Trolley

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Product Information

LAB 15

LAB 15

15" Long-Throw woofer cone with NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron) magnet and
100 mm voice coil
Highly ingenious acoustic design that ensures top performance: a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation system able to completely recover low frequency sound pressure emitted from the rear of its 15" woofer.
Deep, very clean low frequencies, due to a Pulse response with a very low ripple
Built to be used alone or in multiples, with the utmost reduction of space occupied in relation to its output and SPL achieved
Easy transport when used with mobile rigs, and fi ts easily into any permanent installation
Attractive look that fi ts perfectly into any type of surroundings or dcor
Original design with a square footprint: two stacked cabinets form an exact cube
The cabinet is internally braced to ensure the utmost sturdiness, free from harmful sound "colouring" due to resonance; an optional trolley with sturdy smoothrunning wheels facilitates transport, even on relatively uneven surfaces.

No-nonsense use in "live" concerts of all sizes, fl oor or stage mounted and combined with other units of the same type for sound reinforcement of low frequencies.
High-quality permanent installations in theatres, clubs, indoor sports arenas; an ideal combination for all Outline loudspeaker systems.
Four stacked units stand just 1.72 metres high, but form a compact high powered array that is ideal for sound reinforcement in large indoor or outdoor areas.

LAB 15 is a loudspeaker system suited to high-quality sound reinforcement of low frequencies. It comprises a NdFeB 15" Long-Throw woofer magnet and 100 mm voice coil.

Loading is a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation system able to completely recover low frequency sound pressure emitted from the rear of its 15" woofer by meaning an increase in sensitivity of 6dB (SPL). In other words, with the same input voltage, this system gives an additional 6dB over the entire low frequency band compared to the same speaker used in a closed cabinet and, on average, an additional 3dB compared to what the same speaker would give at low frequencies if used with a horn-loaded, refl ex or band-pass system.

The fact that the sound is generated by two masses of air moved by a single diaphragm, with a great advantage for attack velocity in the transitory frequencies, results in deep, very clean low frequencies. LAB 15 has a useable frequency range at -10 dB of 33 Hz to 174 Hz while the response is just +/- 3dB from 42Hz to 160Hz. The max sensitivity is 101 dB in half space and the max. continuous AES power 1.000W gives 131 dBSPL (137 peak). LAB 15 has an original design with a square footprint: two stacked cabinets form an exact cube; it's built in sturdy phenolic-glued 15 mm Baltic birch plywood to ensure total weather protection.

Among the optionals available, a trolley ensures fast handling and effi cient protection of the front of the enclosure against impacts. The black external fi nish is in special high quality wear and weather-resistant paint. The front of the cabinet is protected by an anti-resonant steel grille covered with sound-transparent foam. Twelve strategically positioned integral handles facilitate handling.


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