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Quantity 30 (Minimum Order 6)
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2008
Location North America
Case Type Other
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used on various rentals. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.

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What's Included

(1) PixelLine 110ec
(1) Cee-Form to Edison Power Cable
(2) Hanging Yoke
(1) Safety Cable
Various Diffusion Film Available.

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James Thomas Engineering Ltd began February 1977 in a small garage located in Bishampton, England. James Thomas and John Walters engineered and built the first spun aluminum Par Lantern which became the industry standard. The company then moved...

Product Information

PixelLine 110ec

PixelLine 110ec

PixelLine 110 is a RGBA batten featuring 110 high intensity K2 Luxeon LEDs. Offering exceptional colour washing capabilities, it is ideal for lighting stages, backdrops, sets, cycs and structures. The vast LED colour palette can create pretty pastels or deep saturated hues. IP20 rated, outstanding longevity, very low power consumption and can be floor or Truss mounted.

* 110 high intensity Luxeon emitters
* Red, green, blue and amber Luxeon K2 LEDs
* Custom LED arrays by request
* 4.2 billion colour combinations
* Beam angle 8deg conical as standard, other beam angles available to order
* Light shaping diffusing lenses available to vary output beam angle
* Pre-programmed with 2 overlapping sets of effects, each with 31 patterns
* Provides an alternative projection medium for video manipulation software
* Factory reset option
* DMX 512 digital input/output with multiple resolutions up to 20 channels
* Control via external source or stand alone master/slave
* On board diagnostics provides data and power information
* 16 Amp Cee Form chassis mounted plug fitted as standard
* Fitted with 16 Amp socket to provide power to connect adjacent fixtures
* Auto setting power input 100 - 250V AC
* Combi yoke supplied as standard for ease of hanging or floor standing
* Low power consumption (300 watts at full intensity) virtually no heat generated
* Internal quiet fan cooling system
* Robust metal construction
* Black powder coating as standard, other colours available to order
* Size 1179mm (46.4) length x 181mm (7.1) width x 86mm (3.4) height
* Weight 12.2kg (26.8lbs) with combi yoke - 11kg (24.2lbs) without
* IP20 rated - UL pending


James Thomas Engineering Ltd began February 1977 in a small garage located in Bishampton, England. James Thomas and John Walters engineered and built the first spun aluminum Par Lantern which became the industry standard. The company then moved to Pershore in 1978 and started manufacturing truss. Soon the General Purpose Truss was born. The total product range began to expand with additional sizes of Par Lanterns, Lighting Bars, Par 36 Spot Banks, Pinspots and other sizes of General Purpose Truss. In 1983, JTE developed the original pre-rigged truss system which was used by a major rock band on their world tour. In 1984, the company relocated to a 10,000 square foot factory at Station Approach, Pershore. The first Ground Support Tower System was also developed that year. Then in July 2000, the UK office moved to a 52,700 square feet facility with additional welding facilities, shipping warehouse, electrical department, drawing office, and administrative offices. Meanwhile in 1990, JTE began manufacturing in the USA to allow simultaneous production of truss on both sides of the Atlantic. This operation continued to expand and now occupies 15,000 square feet of space. In 1992, the Supertruss system was designed and has proved that the innovative skills at JTE still lead the way in the industry. In 1996, the company started production of the Baby Tower. In October 2001, the US office relocated to a new purpose built facility providing 30,000 square feet on a 6.28 acre site. This has allowed JTE to continue to offer the service the industry requires. Determined to maintain their position as market leaders, the team at JTE has spent the last few years developing new products, and conducting considerable market research into the advantages and uses of LED lighting. PixelRange was born in 2002 and has developed in to the comprehensive range of fixtures that it is today.

Used LED Lighting

LED lighting is a specialized kind of stage lighting which is highly valued by technicians due to its high light output and low power consumption. Used as an alternative to traditional stage lighting such as halogen lamps, LED stage lighting is a more than capable alternative for just about any kind of application, although it is primarily used for lighting cycloramas, and for side, back and top lighting. In addition to these uses, LED lighting can be used to ‚??blind the audience‚?Ě, a nice special effect which involves briefly exposing the audience to a direct light beam from the LED stage lighting at crucial moments of the concert or show. LED wash lights are also great for applying a technique known as ‚??wall washing‚?Ě, thanks to the high intensity of their light beam. LED wash lights can provide the full spectrum of light colors, despite usually only being fitted with green, blue and red LEDs. The operator simply needs to adjust the intensity of the various colored beams of light, manipulating them to achieve the desired color spectrum. LED lighting is provided by three pieces of equipment. The most common are LED Pars, which imitate traditional stage lights and have a number of LEDs mounted onto them. Striplights, which are basically a long length of LED wash lights, are also very common, while the versatility of moving LED lights is also becoming an increasingly preferred option for many stage lighting technicians. Besides its higher light output and lower power consumption, LED lighting has a number of other advantages. One is that they have an exceptionally high heat tolerance, which means they can be used almost anywhere without worrying about them becoming damaged due to overheating. Another advantage of LED lighting is that it has a much longer shelf life than traditional lighting.

PixelLine 110ec - Used on Corporate and Theatrical Shows - From 2008
PixelLine 110ec - PixelLine 110ec in good condition. Minimum purchase of (6) units. Priced per unit.

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