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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2009
Location Europe
Case Type Single
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


These have had very little use. Mainly left in venue between hires so grills and paint work are like new.

What's Included

(4) Phoenix PX2122

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Electro-VoiceProminent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.

Product Information

Phoenix PX2122

Phoenix PX2122

Two basic Phoenix systems are available: one based around the PX2122 dual 12 two-way with 30 x 45 dispersion, the other around the PX2152 dual 15 two-way with 60 x 45 dispersion. Each is used in combination with the PX2181, a tour-quality, dual 18 Subwoofer designed for solid, thumping low frequency reproduction. Wood channel routings on the top and sides allow the sub to be precisely arrayed and secured with PX2122 or PX 2152 boxes during stacking. For high SPL monitor, fill or delay applications, the PX1122M (single 12-inch) and PX1152M (single 15-inch) are true multi-purpose solutions. Operating in bi-amp or passive mode, both boxes come with a built-in pole mount and Truss mount attachment points. For stacking and aesthetic consistency, PX2122 and PX2152 share the same exterior dimensions. For looks and durability, all PX boxes are covered in EVCOAT. A full range of hardware accessories (wheelbars & flyware) is available.


Electro-Voice Prominent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.

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