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Quantity 3
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2007
Location North America
Case Type Cardboard
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Used on various rentals. Cleaned and maintained by in house technicians.

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What's Included

(1) Innovation
(1) Power Cable
(1) Redundant Power Supply

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Hello To Our ISIS Group/Graham-Patten Distributors and Customers,Having been in business since 1997, we have always been grateful to you, our partners and customers, for your business. The recession has been difficult for many of us, but many...

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Dec 15, 2011

LD Assistant 04 offers breakthroughs in innovation, ease of use and reliability that won't be seen in other CAD programs for years... if ever! LD Assistant's presentation tools let you create high-quality renderings with dramatic lighting effects and even animated AVI movies of your designs. Create photo realistic rendering...

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The INNOVATION series offers reliable performance on the road. Rugged
design and compact size make them ideal for event management. The
combination of flexibility, reliability, and great price cause the most
demanding systems integrators, event managers, and users to choose ISIS.
They trust ISIS support and full seven-year warranty to deliver solid results
for years to come.

INNOVATION switchers are not broadcast routers adapted to multimedia
applications, but are designed to meet the specific requirements of the
multimedia industry. HD15 connectors, instead of the BNC connectors used
by many, save space, connect to computers and peripherals without
adaptors, and resist breaks. This improvement saves hours of setup time,
makes installation easy, reduces risks, and improves system performance.

Each INNOVATION RGBHV switcher is based on a rugged frame design.
Cells in each frame hold universal redundant power supplies. Hot swap any
board or Power Supply from the front of the frame. Modular design and a
wide range of sizes let users select the right configuration. Each switcher
supports a local X-Y or multiple Remote Control panels. The RS232 protocol
is designed to make external interfacing and customized control of the
switchers simple, fast, and reliable. Applications include live events,
permanent stadium and theater installations, command and control centers,
and Video Wall switchers


Hello To Our ISIS Group/Graham-Patten Distributors and Customers, Having been in business since 1997, we have always been grateful to you, our partners and customers, for your business. The recession has been difficult for many of us, but many of you have continued to buy our products because of the quality, unparalleled service and support, and appreciation of the more affordable 2011 prices. We thank you for that. However, all businesses hit bumps along the way and The ISIS Group, which includes Graham-Patten and Comprep, has hit a big one. A person outside the company, who is not a customer or distributor, has filed a frivolous and totally unwarranted lawsuit against us, looking to collect a very large sum of money, which we don’t have and we feel the lawsuit is totally without merit. Since we do not have the financial means to continue to pay the high lawyer’s fees to fight a court battle and to protect our company, we have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are dissolving The ISIS Group, Inc. This means we officially closed The ISIS Group, Inc. and quit taking orders May 15th, but hopefully, we will be reopening under a new name in the near future and will continue to offer many of the same products with the same service, support, and affordable prices we’ve delivered over the past 17 years. We will email the distributors of any changes and will also post news on this website, so check back often. If you would like to be on our email list, please contact me at We will keep all email addresses, except those used by customers to contact our distributors, strictly confidential. If you have any questions, please call our office until June 6th , or call my cell phone at (530) 913-4594 before and after that date, from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time. Stay tuned for further updates to this situation going forward. We will send updates by email to our distributors and will post news here for our customers. And again, thank you for your business, loyalty and support over the years. It has been greatly appreciated. Best regards, Bob Stillwaugh, President/CEO The ISIS Group, Inc. Ph: 530-477-2984 until June 6th Cell: 530-913-4594 before or after June 6th Fax: 530-477-2986 until June 6th

Used Video Switcher

Video switchers, also known as a video display controller (abbreviated to VDC) is essentially the key component of a video signal generator. This kind of vision mixer is used for generating a visual signal in computers, and in some cases an audio signal too, although this is just a secondary function. The video switcher first made its appearance in our homes in the first types of home computers, such as the old Commodores and Spectrums, and is now an integral part of video signal generator logic. A video mixer cannot work alone however, as it needs support from various other parts of the computer to work. For example, pixel data is stored in the computerâ??s RAM, while character fonts are held in the ROM. Therefore, the video switcher chip will usually be totally integrated into the main computer, and so users will be able to see the video RAM it gives in the CPUs memory map. It can also act as a co-processor that acts independently, although this is not usually the case. The video switcher is generally available in three different formats. Video shifters are the most basic type of production shifter, and take care of the video timing signals. These obtain data one byte at a time from the CPU, and use synchronization signals to produce a video signal. The CTRC video switcher reads data directly from the computerâ??s RAM, and this is then outputted either through a ROM or directly. Far more complex are video interface controllers. This kind of video switcher supports sprites and video RAM which is dedicated towards color attributes, thus making extremely high-resolution images possible.

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