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Grass Valley
Grass Valley
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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2000
Location North America
Case Type Cardboard
Previous Use Other
Warranty 7 Day


Used in a TV Studio. Cleaned and maintained by in house technicians.

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(1) Indigo HD Switcher

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That??s a bold statement, but a true one. As the world??s second largest broadcast and professional solutions supplier, Grass Valley? has over 3,000 active ??broadcast?? customers, and tens of thousands of professional users generating...

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Grass Valley

That‚??s a bold statement, but a true one. As the world‚??s second largest broadcast and professional solutions supplier, Grass Valley‚?Ę has over 3,000 active ‚??broadcast‚?? customers, and tens of thousands of professional users generating content using Grass Valley tools. For more than 50 years, Grass Valley has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of on-air innovation, creating some of the most accomplished products and services available in the market. With hundreds of patents ¬≠ with many representing the most fundamental technologies that drive our industry ¬≠ numerous Emmy¬ģ Awards, and countless other industry accolades, today‚??s Grass Valley is built from best-of-breed pioneers making it the most progressive video equipment manufacturer and solutions provider in the industry. Grass Valley is also the only manufacturer providing equipment throughout the entire content creation, management, and distribution chain ¬≠ from cameras to switchers, servers to editors, and encoders to transmitters. Our comprehensive portfolio spans a wide range of sophisticated solutions satisfying the needs of broadcasters, network operators, TV production facilities, and professional video users throughout the world. Our employees, R&D centers, manufacturing locations, and sales and services offices in every major country in the world all have one goal: providing best-in-breed products and services for content production, facility infrastructure, distribution, and transmission. When you're watching news, sports, or entertainment programming, whether on a TV, the Web, or a mobile phone, you're watching Grass Valley at work.

Used Video Switcher

Video switchers, also known as a video display controller (abbreviated to VDC) is essentially the key component of a video signal generator. This kind of vision mixer is used for generating a visual signal in computers, and in some cases an audio signal too, although this is just a secondary function. The video switcher first made its appearance in our homes in the first types of home computers, such as the old Commodores and Spectrums, and is now an integral part of video signal generator logic. A video mixer cannot work alone however, as it needs support from various other parts of the computer to work. For example, pixel data is stored in the computer‚??s RAM, while character fonts are held in the ROM. Therefore, the video switcher chip will usually be totally integrated into the main computer, and so users will be able to see the video RAM it gives in the CPUs memory map. It can also act as a co-processor that acts independently, although this is not usually the case. The video switcher is generally available in three different formats. Video shifters are the most basic type of production shifter, and take care of the video timing signals. These obtain data one byte at a time from the CPU, and use synchronization signals to produce a video signal. The CTRC video switcher reads data directly from the computer‚??s RAM, and this is then outputted either through a ROM or directly. Far more complex are video interface controllers. This kind of video switcher supports sprites and video RAM which is dedicated towards color attributes, thus making extremely high-resolution images possible.

Indigo HD Switcher - Corporate used Indigo HD Switcher in great condition.
Indigo HD Switcher - Used on various rentals.

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