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Clay Paky
Clay Paky
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Quantity 8
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2006
Location Europe
Case Type Other
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 90 Day


Previously used on an installation. Cleaned and maintained by in house technicians.

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What's Included

(1) Golden Scan 4
(1) Installed Lamp
(1) Mirror Adaptor

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Clay Paky | Solaris

Clay Paky

Clay Paky

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Manufacturer of moving lights, effects, and image projectors.

Product Information

Golden Scan 4

Golden Scan 4

The history of the scanner starts from "Four".
Golden Scan 4 is the new, powerful Clay Paky scanner with a 1200W lamp. It is the heir of a family of projectors that made show lighting history.

1. Effects: wheel with 4 fixed, interchangeable Gobos.

2. New Electronics: with digital display of the control menu, digital hour meter indicating lamp and projector life, preset macros on iris
and Dimmer, reset.

3. Pan and Tilt Fine: Selectable 8 or 16 - bit resolution of PAN and TILT movements.

4. New look and easy to use: Golden Scan 4 has a new look and 4 side handles for easy installation and handling. It integrates perfectly into professional lighting systems.

All these innovative features make Golden Scan 4 a universal scanner with extraordinary light output and projection clarity, ideal for all professional and entertainment applications.

Clay Paky

Manufacturer of moving lights, effects, and image projectors.

Used Moving Mirror Scanners

Moving Mirror Scanners are often used for club lighting, as well as for stage lighting, and are quite similar in concept to moving lights in that they offer increased versatility and can be used to create more complex special effects than conventional stage lights. Scanners have actually been around for years ‚?? indeed, they were the first ever kind of moving lights, preceding the more popular intelligent lights that are now used today. The main different between moving mirror light scanners is that, unlike more modern moving lights that have mechanical light fixtures, scanners rely on ‚??mirrors that move‚?Ě to direct the light beam, rather than moving light components. The fixture of the scanning head light doesn‚??t actually move by itself. Rather, it contains a built in mirror fixed to a pivot point that moves around and directs the beam of light which is focused onto it. Much like a moving lights, scanners or club lighting can be pre-programmed before a production so that the operator doesn‚??t have to control the light through the duration of the show, though of course some skilled operators prefer to operate the lights manually, during the performance, if they have the experience to do so. Scanners are available in a wide range of different sizes, and offer many different types of features to lighting technicians. Features include high-resolution stepping, high-resolution glass gobos with indexing and rotation, color mixing, mechanical dimming, remote focus, electronic strobing and many more.

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