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Ross Video
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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2012
Location North America
Case Type No Case
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used in a church installation. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.

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What's Included

(1) CrossOver 16
(1) 1M/E Live Production Switcher
(2) RU Frames
Redundant Power Supplies Included.

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Company ProfileRoss Video designs, markets, manufactures, and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in broadcast, distribution, live event and production applications. Ross products are found in over 100 countries and are used 24...

Product Information

CrossOver 16

CrossOver 16

Ross Video offers breakthrough pricing on their CrossOver and Carbonite Production Switchers effective September 2013
Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) selects Ross Video for live coverage of the general Georgian Election in Tbilisi, Georgia
Today Ross Video announces significant price reductions for the CrossOver 12 and CrossOver 16 compact production switcher models
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CrossOver Overview
This product has reached EOP status.
Information on its replacement, Carbonite Black Solo, can be fround here:
With the level of functional sophistication offered by CrossOver, there is no need to compromise on production functionality and quality. A space constrained working environment or a limited operational budget should not lead you to lower your production standards or expectations. Similarly, a need for rugged mobility or operational longevity should not require a massive capital investment. CrossOver production switchers are a budget sensitive Solution that offers broadcast-quality live production in a durable, space conscious platform.
At Ross, production switchers are our passion. We have been making them since 1974 and they are at the CORE of our business. Our goal with CrossOver is to provide a small footprint yet professional grade production system at a budget sensitive price. The result is an affordable, compact and powerful switcher loaded with the high value features that are required to provide quality productions. The CrossOver series features the same tough components and comprehensive design philosophy that goes into our premiere Vision product line. CrossOver enables the creation of sophisticated, professional grade broadcasts in a compact package.
Easy to Use, Powerful Features
All models of CrossOver feature a breadth of capabilities that make these switchers unique in their class. Ross dedicates a great deal of effort in ensuring that our products enable a significant level of operational control. Of primary concern when designing CrossOver was its ease of use. Starting with the use of large, back lit buttons and Panel Glow for increased operator accuracy, through to the placement of frequently used buttons, CrossOver provides intuitive panel ergonomics and production efficiencies. Not only can you rapidly execute a variety of wipe patterns and memory recalls in just a few pushes, the implementation of a rapid, auto-follow menu system also means that you don't need to memorize menu hierarchies in order to fine tune your actions. No time or effort is wasted navigating through the panel to see and get what you want.
A simple turn of a knob will apply a border, adjust softness and activate multiplication and rotation to create your own unique look.
Big Switcher Feel
CrossOver presents a small 1 ME control panel and the feel of a much larger switcher. Contributing to the power and ease of use of CrossOver are attributes such as true next transition style operation and the effortless ability to perform full previews on any keyer. Imaginative and dramatic productions facilitated by:
10 input multi-viewer
Dual animation and still stores with alpha
MemoryAI recall to preview
Color wash generator
Two channels of 2D DVEs
Ten handy transition patterns including
professional circle wipes
angle rotations

UltraChrome is the same leading technology found in the high-end Vision Octane production switchers. This superb and patented chroma keyer features blue spill elimination and bad lighting tolerance.

Ross Video

Company Profile Ross Video designs, markets, manufactures, and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in broadcast, distribution, live event and production applications. Ross products are found in over 100 countries and are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to produce and distribute video and audio signals. Our reach is worldwide with Ross sales office locations throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Singapore, Thailand and Brazil, with more office openings planned in the future. Ross product lines include: Vision Series The Vision series are the most powerful and flexible production switchers we make. You can choose from any of our seven models of control panel, connect to your choice of chassis, and then load up any number of video processing MLEs. Carbonite Series Carbonite uses the absolute latest technology to pack unprecedented production power into a super compact frame. The Ross Multi-Definition Production Engine that lies at the heart of Carbonite offers the same pristine processing used on other Ross switchers – precisely tuned for this new platform. CrossOver Series The CrossOver production switchers are a budget sensitive solution that offers broadcast-quality live production in a durable, space conscious platform. OverDrive Automated Production Control System The OverDrive Automated Production Control System is a touch screen control system that extends the Technical Director's reach to include all devices in an on air production control room. Enabling more consistent and efficient productions, OverDrive is truly revolutionary. Inception Social Media Management Social media has changed the world, offering new ways to connect with your most important asset - your audience. Inception answers the challenge of managing these connections by enabling the efficient and controlled delivery of your stories, promotions, messages and announcements through social media. XPression 3D Character Generator & Graphics System XPression is a high quality 3D character generator and broadcast production graphics platform incorporating over 20 years of live broadcast graphics experience. It offers a very powerful tool set - yet with an intuitive user interface. CamBot Robotic Camera Systems The CamBot series consists of a 500 series, 600 series and 700 series pedestals that are robust, durable and precise studio workhorses – distinguished by their ability to accept industry leading payloads of up to 200 pounds on the 700 Series pedestals. Furio Robotic Camera Systems Furio Robotic Camera Systems are available in 2 variants – Furio Robo (Full Robotics System) and Furio RC (Remote Control System). Furio's absolute positioning system and rail based tracking sets it apart from the competition and makes it ideally suited to virtual set and augmented reality applications. NK Series Routing Systems NK Series Routing Systems are a comprehensive family of routing solutions with a wide variety of matrix sizes and types to choose from, a nice selection of flexible control panels and a powerful control system tying it all together. MC1 Master Control System The MC1-MK is the most affordable, dedicated master control solution. Legendary, lifetime Ross support and 5 year warranty make MC1 an excellent value. openGear® Terminal Equipment openGear® is an award-winning open-platform line of video and audio rack mount terminal equipment founded by Ross Video. There is a large and growing list of manufacturers designing to this platform which will provide an unprecedented choice of compatible solutions to customers around the world. RossGear Terminal Equipment RossGear is a comprehensive line of video and audio rack mount terminal equipment that encompasses a full range of encoders, decoders, monitoring converters, distribution amplifiers, and more. BlackStorm Video Servers BlackStorm Video Servers delivers in live production. From a technology standpoint, it is a unique software-based server platform using standard off-the-shelf hardware and offers a long-range growth path for future technology

Used Video Switcher

Video switchers, also known as a video display controller (abbreviated to VDC) is essentially the key component of a video signal generator. This kind of vision mixer is used for generating a visual signal in computers, and in some cases an audio signal too, although this is just a secondary function. The video switcher first made its appearance in our homes in the first types of home computers, such as the old Commodores and Spectrums, and is now an integral part of video signal generator logic. A video mixer cannot work alone however, as it needs support from various other parts of the computer to work. For example, pixel data is stored in the computerâ??s RAM, while character fonts are held in the ROM. Therefore, the video switcher chip will usually be totally integrated into the main computer, and so users will be able to see the video RAM it gives in the CPUs memory map. It can also act as a co-processor that acts independently, although this is not usually the case. The video switcher is generally available in three different formats. Video shifters are the most basic type of production shifter, and take care of the video timing signals. These obtain data one byte at a time from the CPU, and use synchronization signals to produce a video signal. The CTRC video switcher reads data directly from the computerâ??s RAM, and this is then outputted either through a ROM or directly. Far more complex are video interface controllers. This kind of video switcher supports sprites and video RAM which is dedicated towards color attributes, thus making extremely high-resolution images possible.

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