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Martin Jem
Martin Jem
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Quantity 3
Condition Brand New
Year 2016
Location Europe
Case Type Cardboard
Previous Use Demo/Refurb
Warranty 7 Day


JEM ZR35 Smoke machine

1500 Watt /DMX/ RDM/ digital Remote control
Power: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Remote control: 3-pin locking XLR
DMX data: 5-pin locking XLR
2.5l lliquid-container
Compatible fluids: Pro Smoke High Density / Pro Smoke Studio (DX Mix) / Pro Smoke Super (ZR Mix)
Dimensions: 590x395x264mm
Weight: 15,1 kg

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What's Included

cardboard box

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Product Information

Martin Jem

Used Foggers and Hazers

Foggers and hazers are used on stage and in concerts in order to produce a smoke or gog-like effect during live performances. A fog machine is not just limited to the entertainment arena however, as it also has some use for military and industrial applications, as well as personal use to their cost coming down. How does a smoke machine work? Typically, foggers and hazers vaporize a mixture of water and glycerine fluid or glycol fluid by atomizing a kind of mineral oil. The vaporized fluid disperses into a thick cloud of artificial fog once it comes into contact with the moisture in the air when itā??s released. Foggers and hazers are most commonly seen in theatrical productions, where they are especially useful for setting the mood or creating the right kind of atmosphere during certain scenes in a play. In addition, foggers and hazers are quite commonly seen in haunted houses and Halloween displays, as the fog generated adds to the creepy atmosphere. Itā??s also become fairly common to see a fog machine during concerts, for example to add to the suspense before the performers come out onto the stage. Nightclubs are another common venue for foggers and hazers, as they are able to enhance laser and other lighting arrangements due to the fogā??s refractive and reflective qualities. However, haze machines are slowly superseding foggers and hazers in nightclubs.

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