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Quantity 1
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2008
Location Europe
Case Type Single
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 30 Day


Used on various rentals. Cleaned, tested, and maintained by in house technicians.

What's Included

(32) XLD281 Line Array
(12) PX2181 SUBS
(4) XLD grids
(4) Amp Racks each containing:
(1) DX46
(2) CP3000
(1) CP4000
(1) TG7
(2) Dollies of 12
(1) Dolly of 8

The SUBS are transported on (4) Dollies of 3
The Amp racks contain Power and signal distribution.

All NL8 Links and NL8 Cable which comes in 2 looms of 4 x 25mtr NL8 cables.

Used XLD281 | For Sale | Electro-Voice

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Electro-VoiceProminent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.

Product Information



The XLD 281 is the CORE element for constructing X-Line Very Compact systems. The XLD281 is a 3 ??way design using CCT? (Coverage Control Technology) to control horizontal coverage to 250Hz.

It uses a 8" neodymium LF transducer, a 8" neodymium LF/MB transducer, and two neodymium 2" voice coil compression drivers combining through 2 hydra plane wave generators into a 120deg x 10deg waveguide. CCT uses both 8" transducers to provide maximum low frequency output and operating bandwidth while controlling horizontal beam width to 250 Hz by using DSP. The XLD281 can be used in tri-amp mode, or in bi-amp using a sophisticated internal passive network.

Designed for use in arrays of four or more Elements the XLD281 delivers full bandwidth audio with precise, predictable coverage control. Integrated rigging with hinge points located correctly between array Elements is simple to use and quickly provides uncompromised line array performance. Ground stacking is easily done using array rails or subwoofers as the array base.
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Electro-Voice Prominent maker of microphones; also loudspeaker systems, amplifiers.

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Speakers are generally output devices used by computer systems, and these usually have speaker accessories such as speaker hardware, cables, mounts, stands, etc. All speakers‚?? function amplify sound or audio output so it can be heard by other listeners easier. There are speakers that are built to work particularly with computers while there are those that can be linked to any kind of sound system device. The speakers function as transducers that transform electromagnetic waves into sound waves that can be heard by listeners. They receive audio input from source devices like the computer and with the use of speaker accessories the sound is amplified. Analog sound waves are converted into digital sound waves and are produced from digital speakers. The speaker cables serve as connectors between the input devices and the speaker. Computers and other audio devices will need compatible cables to be able to connect with the speakers and produce amplified sound. The speaker mount are speaker accessories that act as support. They are needed to properly place and hold speakers so they can function properly. There are wall mounts and brackets for the ceiling. Different mounts are needed for different sizes and location for placement. The speaker stand is commonly used in surround systems and these are speaker accessories that help position the speaker devices efficiently. These are usually adjustable. The speaker rigging comprises the support system of speakers. Normally, if there is not rigging provided, the speakers are simply stacked on top of the other on stage.

XLD281 - Like new Package of (12) XLD281.
XLD281 Package - XLD281 and Plasma EV sub package. Used on corporate events.
XLD281 Package - Package of (8) XLD281(s) and (2) XLD Grid(s). Used only by in-house crew. Never been toured. Not a s...
XLD281 - Unit in great condition. 15 Day warranty.
XLD281 - XLD281 package including TG amp rack and subs. Used on various rentals.
XLD281 - Comes with (5) cases and (2) flying grids.
XLD281 - Ev Xld Rig wired and ready to use .
XLD281 - Like new XLD281 Turn Key System in mint condition.

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