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Quantity 6
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year Call for Age
Location Europe
Case Type Other
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Used on various rentals. Cleaned, tested, and maintained by in house technicians.

What's Included

(6) TA890H
(6) TA890L
(2) TSW218
TN5 Amps, Racks, Rigging, and cables are included.

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Turbosound is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems - proven by the vast number of endorsements of major international artistes and prestigious permanent installations around the world.Turbosound's unique,...

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Dec 15, 2011

All CADs seem the same, but there is one that is more similar than the others and at the same time very different. It's similar because it has all the same tools as even the most complete CAD, and different, very different, because it has exclusive functions and tools that promise to revolutionize todays designing methods. ...

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Touring mid/high enclosure with integrated horizontal and vertical flying hardware designed for flown and ground stacked concert touring applications. Contains 2 x HF drivers on a Polyhorn device, a 10" HMF driver on a Polyhorn? device and 2 x 10" LMF drivers. Beech plywood construction, wheelboard included, finished in black textured paint with steel/reticulated foam grille. Speakon NL8 connectors.


Turbosound is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems - proven by the vast number of endorsements of major international artistes and prestigious permanent installations around the world. Turbosound's unique, award winning designs have been developed around unorthodox principles, resulting in a special harmony between high technology in its purest form and a natural approach to the art of acoustical and electronic engineering. Many principle patents have been awarded to Turbosound over the years. In the large scale touring market, Turbosound has sold more than 20,000 loudspeaker systems, dominating this sector. Using disciplines learned from this most demanding of markets, Turbosound has also applied its design principles to the specialist requirements of the fixed installation, theatre, corporate and A/V markets. As a result of this, you will find Turbosound products not only touring with the best known international artistes, but also permanently installed in diverse venues such as cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants; nightclubs, theatres and houses of worship; and sports centres, arenas and stadia. Turbosound spends an industry-leading percentage of its sales on research and development, resulting in year after year of innovative product releases. State of the art measurement equipment, prototype building machinery and purpose designed sound rooms all support one of the best professional acoustical, analogue and digital engineering teams in the world. Based in the heart of the English countryside, Turbosound employs a highly skilled, motivated workforce using modern manufacturing techniques. All components - most of which are designed and manufactured exclusively for Turbosound - are individually tested prior to assembly. As well as having to pass a comprehensive computerised test, each completed product is listened to by a trained technician. Combine all of this with the close attention to detail in every aspect of the design - from robust precision-built enclosures that optimise natural acoustic performance, to the certified, easily assembled flying systems - and the result is that Turbosound enjoys an unrivalled worldwide reputation for reliability, innovation and quality. The Turbosound range of loudspeaker products, control electronics and amplified systems has in common one single purpose - to provide you with the best solution for your application. For more detailed information about a particular product, please browse our website, or contact your local distributor - we are represented in over 70 countries. However when choosing the right loudspeaker system, the single most important step you can take is to arrange a demonstration and let your own ears be the judge.

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Speakers are generally output devices used by computer systems, and these usually have speaker accessories such as speaker hardware, cables, mounts, stands, etc. All speakers‚?? function amplify sound or audio output so it can be heard by other listeners easier. There are speakers that are built to work particularly with computers while there are those that can be linked to any kind of sound system device. The speakers function as transducers that transform electromagnetic waves into sound waves that can be heard by listeners. They receive audio input from source devices like the computer and with the use of speaker accessories the sound is amplified. Analog sound waves are converted into digital sound waves and are produced from digital speakers. The speaker cables serve as connectors between the input devices and the speaker. Computers and other audio devices will need compatible cables to be able to connect with the speakers and produce amplified sound. The speaker mount are speaker accessories that act as support. They are needed to properly place and hold speakers so they can function properly. There are wall mounts and brackets for the ceiling. Different mounts are needed for different sizes and location for placement. The speaker stand is commonly used in surround systems and these are speaker accessories that help position the speaker devices efficiently. These are usually adjustable. The speaker rigging comprises the support system of speakers. Normally, if there is not rigging provided, the speakers are simply stacked on top of the other on stage.

Aspect package - Aspect package including (34) TA890H(s), (34) TA890L(s) and more.
Aspect PA System - Aspect PA System with (4) TA-500 Tops, (4) TSW-718 Subs, (1) Amp Rack in good condition. Previously ...
Aspect - Corporate used Turn Key Aspect System in excellent condition.

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