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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2007
Case Type Single
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 1 Day


1x Playback wing + case
1x DP2000
1x Hog III Case
* Network-based, supporting Fast Ethernet and Internet-compatible protocols
* Advanced, reliable multicast protocol makes optimum use of network bandwidth
* Fully distributed processing of interfaces, crossfades and effects offers total scalability
* DMX output via Wholehog 3 DMX processors supports multiple units on the network
* Timecode and MIDI via MIDI in and out ports
* Supports USB Timecode Widget for SMPTE input
* Show data is centrally stored or loaded from console's internal hard drive, built-in CD-ROM drive or internal ZIP disk drive
* Intuitive graphical user interface allows maximum user configurability
* Easy software and library upgrades from CD-ROM
* Network components can be upgraded remotely
* Complete online help system with on-screen reference manual in multiple languages
* Designed for easy maintenance
* Auto-ranging mains input (90-250 VAC)
* Roadcase included

Called me once to verify our website. Was good to work with. Keep him on file in case we need to talk about anything else.

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Used Wholehog III | For Sale | Flying Pig Systems

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High End Systems

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From Ani di Franco to ZZ Top concerts. From Super Bowl half time to popular music award shows. From trade shows and talk shows to Olympic ceremonies or church sanctuaries.At High End Systems Inc., we innovate and create the lighting products...

Product Information

Wholehog III

Wholehog III

The Wholehog 3 represents the contemporary evolution of a world-renowned lighting console legacy. It has a refined and sophisticated presence that's unmistakable: the unique silhouette, precision-machined aluminum and sleek blue anodized finish. Sophisticated engineering and well established control surfaces ensure a creative programming experience. With the perfect blend of style and function, the Wholehog 3 console Stands at the top of the Wholehog line as a Leader for all types of productions.

For supreme scalability, the console provides two monitor outputs, keyboard and mouse ports, MIDI input and output ports, two USB ports, Fast Ethernet on a rugged Neutrik Ethercon connector, and speakers with stereo audio output. You're prepared for everything from the smallest industrial job to the largest stadium show, theme park installation or Broadway spectacular.

Preserve show data on a built-in shock-mounted hard disk with CD-ROM drive and Zip disk drive neatly tucked away under the armrest.

Robust Wholehog Operating Software
Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades
Two internal 12-inch high-brightness color touchscreens
Two external Monitors or touchscreens supported
Backlit trackball with four configurable buttons for cursor and position control
Ten playback faders with familiar playback controls
(Choose, Go, Pause, & Flash)
Dedicated Intensity and Rate wheels
36 Soft-Keys for quick toolbar selections
Hog-Net Ethercon connector
Internal Hard disk drive
Internal CDRW drive
Internal ZIP drive
USB ports for Wholehog wings and external touchscreens
Real time clock
Desklights, feedback LEDs, and integrated worklight all dimmable
Auto-ranging mains input (90-250VAC)
Visualizer Console Edition dongles included
Dust cover included
Custom Road Case included

Unlimited number of DMX channels via Ethernet DPs
MIDI Input and Output, MIDI Show Control and MIDI Time Code
Single LTC input via USB Timecode Widget
Connectivity with many visualizers via Ethernet
Wired and wireless networking ability with multiple Wholehog console systems
Remote Focus capabilities when networked with a tablet PC running Hog 3PC software
Supports USB Playback and Expansion Wings

Flying Pig Systems

From Ani di Franco to ZZ Top concerts. From Super Bowl half time to popular music award shows. From trade shows and talk shows to Olympic ceremonies or church sanctuaries. At High End Systems Inc., we innovate and create the lighting products and control systems that illuminate some of the world's biggest artists on the largest stages, as well as film and television sets, cruise ships, theme parks, restaurants and retail spaces. Now entering our fourth decade, we're one of the world's largest entertainment lighting manufacturers, a pioneer in new digital lighting technology and producer of the industry-preferred lighting controller technology. We attribute our success to staying in touch with the needs of the entertainment lighting community. Product research and development at our Austin, TX headquarters is an ongoing collaboration between in-house engineers and lighting designers in the field. This collaboration is largely to thank for our status as a major industry innovator and intellectual property holder. We're not only keeping pace with industry developments - we're guiding them. We're constantly pushing the creative and technological envelope to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the curve. As members of the entertainment community, we know reliability is paramount. We maintain rigorous manufacturing standards, while providing industry-leading customer support services.

Used Lighting Consoles

Find used lighting consoles and lighting desks in well maintained condition from such popular brands as MA Lighting, High End Systems, Avolites, Jands and Martin Professional. All used lighting consoles come with warranty and many have been certified by factory technicians. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used lighting consoles desks for touring production, churches, theaters, film, television and more. If you do not find what you are looking for give us a call.

Wholehog III - Wholehog 3 w. DP8000. In very nice condition.
Wholehog III - Wholehog III in great condition.
Wholehog III + DP200, Case, desklites, Dustcover - Used on an installation. Comes with a 15 day warranty.
Wholehog III - From Church Install, CLEAN!
Wholehog III - Wholehog III with DP2000 in great condition.
Wholehog III - Excellent Condition
Wholehog III - Hog III with TWO DP2000 and Case
Wholehog III - Good Condition with case and DP
Wholehog III - Includes NEW DP 8000 dmx processor for 8 DMX outs!
Wholehog III - Call for a Better Price
Wholehog III - Only used in a tv studio. Comes with a six month warranty.
Wholehog III - 90 day factory warranty included
Wholehog III - REDUCED - Well Maintained
Wholehog III - Pristine Condition - Refurbished
Wholehog III - Lowest price on a very clean Hog 3
Wholehog III - Wholehog III with DP2000 in great condition.
Wholehog III with DP8000 - Wholehog III with DP8000 in excellent condition, from 2012.
Wholehog III - Used on various rentals.
Wholehog III - Wholehog III in good conditon.
Wholehog III - Great condition with full 30 day warranty
Wholehog III - All systems have been updated and the console has no known issues. Includes a DP 8000.
Wholehog III - with DP2000 Processor
Wholehog III - Used on various rentals.
Wholehog III - Has been kept in great condition. Use on various rentals. Completely maintained.
Wholehog III - Used for corporate meetings and a few small events.
Wholehog III - 90 Day Factory Warranty
Wholehog III - Excellent Condition
Hog 3 with DP2000 (Excellent condition) - 2004 Model in great condition
Wholehog III - Used on various rentals. Comes with a single case.
Wholehog III - Wholehog 3 with DP 2000 in excellent condition.
Wholehog III Package - This is a Complete Package with (2) DP2000 Processors. From Installation.
Wholehog III - Whole Hog III
Wholehog III - Good Condition with case and DP
Wholehog III - This Hog 3 console was used on a few tours and has been well maintained.
Wholehog III - (90)-DAY FACTORY WARRANTY (DP-2000, Flight Case)
Wholehog III with DP2000 - Corporate used Wholehog III with DP2000 in excellent condition.
Wholehog 3 - Year: 2008. Cased. Regularly Teched.
Wholehog III - Hog III with DP2000
Wholehog III - Used on a few tours. Call for more information on this listing.
Wholehog III - WH3 in great condition
Wholehog III - Console w/ DP-2000 and Case
Wholehog III - Used on various rentals. Normal wear.
Wholehog III - Used on various tours. In very good condition.
Wholehog III - Used on various rentals. Comes with a 14 day warranty.
Wholehog III - Road hog III in good working order. Includes a DP2000.
Wholehog III - Console w/ DP2000 and Case
Wholehog III and DP 2000 - Comes with a case and DP 2000. From rental inventory. Professionally maintained.
Wholehog III - All have been cleaned and tested. 30 day warranty.

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