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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2009
Location Europe
Case Type Cardboard
Previous Use Corporate
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used on various corporate events. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians. The better curtain led

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What's Included

(180) Black tiles
(180) White screen (empty of electronics)
(1) Element Labs SP2 video processor
(5) Signal and power rack units from element labs
All the hardware and bumpers

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Element Labs combines our state-of-the-art technology with know-how and daring to create the world??s most advanced LED video systems. If you aspirefor originality, impact, and allure, Element Labs shares your vision. We can help you...

Product Information



The STEALTH? panel is the building block of an innovative, transparent, large scale video screen solution. The panel's unique design, with its low profile central support and fins, makes the system virtually transparent when the screen is off , as well as extremely lightweight. STEALTH is a High Resolution display (25mm pixel pitch) that deploys rapidly and folds together for easy stacking and portability.

Ideal for both permanent and temporary applications, STEALTH works well in architectural spaces, trade shows, TV stage sets, or concerts.

STEALTH is a modular system composed of individual 40cm panels. An integrated Power Supply and data routing unit mounts with each 64 panel section of a screen. Processing hardware converts a DVI, HD, SDI, s-video, component, or composite video signal that is routed to the individual panels.

The modular design of STEALTH makes it easily conform to any installation. Simply add more panels to increase display size.

Element Labs

Element Labs combines our state-of- the-art technology with know-how and daring to create the worldâ??s most advanced LED video systems. If you aspire for originality, impact, and allure, Element Labs shares your vision. We can help you make it a reality. We specialize in the design and delivery of customized solutions for any application you imagine. Our experienced project management team provides individualized, comprehensive guidance from conception to completion. Versatile and robust, Element Labsâ??products enable limitless applicationâ??from concerts and TV and film productions to architectural displays, interactive signage, and special events.

Used Video Panels

Video panels are used in concerts in order to create a large video wall for displaying visual effects and close-up shots of the performers during the concert. A video wall panel, also called a visual display panel or video tile, can be made from various different technologies, such as LCD panels, LED panel, rear projection screens and DLP tiles. LED video panel technology is one of the most favored types in video panels, as it is cheap to use, doesnâ??t overheat and provides an exceptionally sharp, clear image on the screen. Video panels are preferred to a single, extra large video screen for a number of reasons, not least because of the cost involved in creating an extra large video screen. Video panels can be disassembled, making them easier to transport, and they can also be customized â?? for example you can have an outdoor video panel or an indoor video panel, and by using individual panels the pixel density is usually much greater. One notable feature of video panels is that the â??bezelsâ?, the plastic surround that lines the edge of the video tile, is especially narrow. These are kept as narrow as possible on video panels so that the image on the finished video wall is not impacted noticeably by separating lines. Although it would actually be feasible to use multiple television sets or computer monitors to make a video wall, specially designed video panels are the preferred option, as they feature the necessary hardware to allow for smooth integration of all the video tiles used. This makes video panels easy to connect together with regards to power source and commands between the different screens, so their brightness and contrast can be easily calibrated.

Stealth - Stealth package. See what's included for the package deal. Few tours. In fine working order.

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