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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2008
Location North America
Case Type Other
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used on an installation. Cleaned and maintained by in house technicians. Full Barco Wall is 32 feet by 8 feet.

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What's Included

(16) OV-513
(8) CGP 2.4 Degree Curve
(16) OV D2: Illumination Unit 120 W
(16) CBL Interface Copper, DVI-DVI 20m
(16) OmniScale UXGA
(4) TransForm A UGX Graphic Card Digital
(2) OmniBus PSU
(1) Processor AX6, 2CPU
(5) Dual DVI Card Inputs
(2) 1GB Dimmer
(1) Optical Mouse
(1) USB Extension 20m
(1) Key Board
(3) RCA Cable 3m
(1) DVD ROM Drive
(1) SATA Controller Card
(2) Seagate ST
(1) Kingwin Multibay
(1) XP OS Windows Professional
(1) Base License
(16) Output License per Channel
(16) OV D2: SW License
(1) Control Management Suite on CDROM
(12) Apollo Functionality (per cube)

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Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defense & security,...

Product Information



50" SXGA DLP projection module

Barco's OV-D2 series integrate DLP technology into 50" Video Wall systems that are designed and optimized for use in a 24/7 mission critical environment. The Barco designed projection engine provides a set of unique features. The result is a DLP rear projection-system with outstanding picture quality, reliability and ease of use.
Superior display quality

High-contrast DLP technology
Brightness, contrast, and large viewing angles tailored to the human eye providing maximum readability
Vibrant colors
Sense6 technology providing consistently excellent Video Wall uniformity over time
Reliability and lifetime serviceability

Engineered for ease of maintenance and serviceability
Durable components with high reliability from lamp to screen
Dual redundant lamp offering 100% reliability
Easy lamp replacement from the rear of the system while system runs
100% sealed-off optical engine, preventing dust contamination
Fast Ethernet communication allowing redundant projection access for direct control and configuration
Barco's Lamp-Lease Program allowing to efficiently control operational costs

Designed to form video walls of any size, in a linear or curved setup
Requires minimal installation depth
Innovative modular concept for easier build up and design
Integrated system

Barco Wall Control Manager software with central graphical overview of the Video Wall
Integrating individual projection modules into a single display


Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV. In these markets Barco offers user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and business efficiency. Its innovative hard- and software solutions integrate all aspects of the imaging chain, from image acquisition and processing to image display and management. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. The company (NYSE, Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries and employs 3,500 staff worldwide. In 2008 Barco posted sales of 742 million euro.

Used Video Panels

Video panels are used in concerts in order to create a large video wall for displaying visual effects and close-up shots of the performers during the concert. A video wall panel, also called a visual display panel or video tile, can be made from various different technologies, such as LCD panels, LED panel, rear projection screens and DLP tiles. LED video panel technology is one of the most favored types in video panels, as it is cheap to use, doesnâ??t overheat and provides an exceptionally sharp, clear image on the screen. Video panels are preferred to a single, extra large video screen for a number of reasons, not least because of the cost involved in creating an extra large video screen. Video panels can be disassembled, making them easier to transport, and they can also be customized â?? for example you can have an outdoor video panel or an indoor video panel, and by using individual panels the pixel density is usually much greater. One notable feature of video panels is that the â??bezelsâ?, the plastic surround that lines the edge of the video tile, is especially narrow. These are kept as narrow as possible on video panels so that the image on the finished video wall is not impacted noticeably by separating lines. Although it would actually be feasible to use multiple television sets or computer monitors to make a video wall, specially designed video panels are the preferred option, as they feature the necessary hardware to allow for smooth integration of all the video tiles used. This makes video panels easy to connect together with regards to power source and commands between the different screens, so their brightness and contrast can be easily calibrated.

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