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Meyer Sound
Meyer Sound
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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2007
Location Europe
Case Type Dollies & Covers
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used on various rentals. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.

What's Included

(16) Melodie
(4) Covers and Dollies per every (4) units.
(4) MG-Melodie
(4) Homemade grids for truss mount or ground stack
(4) Schuko-Powercon inlet cables
(16) Powercon link cables
(16) Short XLR link cables

Used Melodie | For Sale | Meyer Sound

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Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound

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Established by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Meyer Sound has been at the forefront of innovation in audio engineering for over two decades. From the outset, Meyer Sound looked beyond loudspeaker cabinet design to create totally integrated,...

Product Information



Sometimes, big things come in small packages. The M'elodie ultracompact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker is a good example. M'elodie is Meyer Sound's newest generation of a Strong family line: the celebrated M Series. M'elodie brings the sonic signature and easy to use rigging of the MILO family of loudspeakers, along with an extraordinary power-to-size ratio to a package smaller than the company's MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker. As a result, M'elodie is compact enough for small theatres, ballrooms and clubs, as well as being an outstanding performer in theatrical productions and corporate AV applications.

While M'elodie can be used as a main system in small venues, its broad 100-degree horizontal coverage makes it ideal for use in larger venues, too, as it is designed to integrate seamlessly with MICA. M'elodie's QuickFly rigging, which features captive GuideALinks for the maximum in flexibility and safety, make it easy to add as downfill to a MICA array, but individual M'elodie cabinets also work exceptionally well for frontfill or under-balcony coverage. Best of all, M'elodie's small footprint takes up little truck space.

M'elodie is the latest self-powered loudspeaker from Meyer Sound, the company that introduced controller-assisted loudspeakers more than 27 years ago and self-powered sound reinforcement systems over 11 years ago. With an all-new low-frequency driver and amplifier, plus Meyer Sound's famous complex crossover, driver protection, and frequency and phase correction circuitry, M'elodie provides a reliable, low-distortion Solution for a key segment of the sound reinforcement market.

M'elodie's diminutive size belies a powerful voice: conservatively rated at a maximum peak output of 131 dB SPL, M'elodie is capable of filling rooms much larger than one would expect.

Meyer Sound

Established by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Meyer Sound has been at the forefront of innovation in audio engineering for over two decades. From the outset, Meyer Sound looked beyond loudspeaker cabinet design to create totally integrated, systems-comprehensive solutions that encompass transducer design, signal processing, power amplification and even electroacoustic measurement systems. As a result, Meyer Sound's engineering teams have earned an enviable reputation for developing unique, innovative solutions to some of the most difficult problems confronting audio professionals. In fact, it is fundamental to John Meyer's philosophy that no component of a system should be compromised in order to compensate for variables "upstream" or "downstream." Instead, the entire system should be conceived, designed, tested, confirmed and manufactured as a whole to provide the optimum blend of audio fidelity, utility and long-term reliability.

Used Line Array Speakers

Find used line array speakers and line array elements from such popular brands as L-Acoustics, d&b audiotechnik, Meyer Sound and Nexo. All used line array speakers are warrantied and in most cases inspected by factory certified technicians. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used line arrays for large concerts, tours, stadiums and auditoriums. Call us if you don't find it and we will find it for you.

Melodie - Meyer package including (16) Melodie, (5) 650-P, (2) bumpers , (8) UPM and (1) Galileo 616.
Melodie - Melodie in excellent condition, previously used on an installation.
Melodie - Package of (12) Melodie and (4) 700HP in mint condition.
Melodie Package - Complete Melodie package. Cleaned and tested.
Melodie - Melodie in great condition with covers and dollies previously used in rentals.
Melodie Package - Package of (8) Melodie, (3) cases and (2) MUB Melodie.
Melodie - Package of (12) Melodie in great condition.
Melodie Package - Package includes a Galileo 616 and quad cases. From touring. Always checked over upon return.
Melodie Package - Package of (8) Melodie, (4) Melodie, (2) top grid Melodie and (3) flight case for (4) Melodie.
Melodie - Very Clean From Install
Melodie and HP650 Package - Bumpers, cases and cables included.
Melodie System - Corporate used Melodie system in excellent condition.
Melodie - Package of (8) Melodie in great condition.
Melodie Package - This is a Melodie Package System. Excellent Condition. Only Used for Opera and Conferences. No Touri...
Melodie Package - Package of (24) boxes, (4) frames and cases.
Melodie - Package of (24) Melodie in excellent condition.
Melodie - Melodie in good condition, previously used in rentals.
Melodie - Melodie in great condition. Must purchase all 6 units.
Melodie - Melodie in great condition. Minimum purchase of (2) units includes case. Priced per unit.

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