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Quantity 6
Condition Lots of Wear & Tear
Year 2008
Location North America
Case Type Cased
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 14 Day


Previously used in various rentals.They have been maintained by a factory certified technician.

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What's Included

(6) Impression 90
(6) Floor stand
(6) Powercon to Edison Cable
(1) Flight case that hold 6 units

Used Impression 90 | For Sale | Elation

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MA Lighting Releases grandMA2 Software Update

Jun 14, 2011

MA Lighting has released version 2 software for its grandMA2 console line. The new software release will be presented at PLASA 2010 at booth E24 in Earls Court One.With many eyes upon the grandMA2, MA is proud to present its latest software release, 2.0. This software update implements an array of new features such as layou...

Product Information



- High Output Intelligent LED Moving Head
We are ready to impress you with our latest and most advanced product offering yet which is sure to set the new standard for high power moving yoke wash luminaries.

The most compact moving head wash fixture can be mounted on 14 centers in any position plus compact truck pack allows 6 units in the same space 2 traditional fixtures would take.

Die cast aluminum head and industrial light weight plastics with the fixture weighing in at 16 lbs gives an output lumen to physical weight ratio that is unmatched. Less weight in the truck and rig is always better.

State of the art stepper motor control and compact moving mass for quick and accurate movements moving 660 degree pan in less than 2 seconds while at the same time offering smooth and fluid movements.

90 Luxeon K2 LED's arranged in a maximum density allows for light output comparable and often brighter color to color of 575w discharge fixtures.

With the Impression, Elation Professional introduces a new LED Moving Head in an ultimately compact format. Through its flexible installation options the unit can be installed in various orientations making the Impression especially suitable for a variety of applications. Impression offers all the advantages of LED fixtures:

?Low Power Consumption / High Output (60 lumens per watt)

?Low Heat Emission and no UV or IR

?Long Life Operation

?Fast & Smooth Color Fades

Through the use of the new K2 Luxeon high performance LED's, the unit reaches light output higher than a 575W discharge lamp with no less than a 50% power savings. It comes available as an RGB version with 30 LED's per color producing colors through the whole color spectrum and also comes in a White LED version featuring WHITE and AMBER LED's allowing color temperature control from daylight to tungsten. The movement range of the Impression is also unmatched reaching 660 degrees of Pan and 300 degrees of Tilt. These features make the unit ideal for professional stage, theatre, television, exhibit and architectural applications. The Impression is designed in Germany and built in Europe with several international design and application patents pending.


? Additive color mixing

? 90 Luxeon K2 high power LEDs

? Average service life: 100,000 hr.


? 30 LEDs per color wave lengths optimized for maximum visible color gamut


? 60 cold white LEDs, 30 amber LEDs allow continuous color temperature adjustment


? Highly efficient collimator cluster

? Interchageable lens carrier with 10deg beam angle (25deg optional)

? Intergrated stray light screen


? High precision stepping motor control

? 8 or 16 bit resolution selectable

? Maximum speed 660deg Pan in 2 sec., 300deg Tilt in 1 sec.

? Position - Feedback


? DMX-512 protocol

? Backlit graphic LCD control panel

? 4 illuminated buttons

? Low noise temperature control ventilation system

? Overheat protection

? Color calibration feature

? Internal color presets


? DMX XLR 3-pin

? Mains voltage: Powercon input


Elation Professional - Professional Lighting & Entertainment Products and Accessories!

Used Moving Lights

Moving lights, or intelligent lighting as they are sometimes called, are basically a type of stage lighting that is able to move due to its integrated mechanical elements, which go beyond the moving parts that are found in more traditional, non-moving lighting. Automated lighting such as moving lights is highly valued by stage lighting technicians as through them, it is possible to create highly complex special effects that simply cannot be made using standard, non-moveable lights. It should be noted however, that when it comes to intelligent lighting, the real intelligence lies with the programmer of the show, rather than the lighting equipment or any operator. Moving head lights, also called moving head luminaires, are highly versatile lighting instruments capable of performing multiple lighting functions at once. They have largely superseded the use of multiple non-moving lights to create special effects, which required many lights and a large amount of skill on behalf of the operators. Moving lights are hooked up to a lighting control console and send data to it in one of three ways ‚?? through an Ethernet control (a relatively new technology), analogue control (now almost obsolete), or DMX, (which is now the industry standard). So long as they have been properly programmed, the optics of wiggly lights can be altered in many ways, allowing for the ‚??personality‚?Ě of the lights to be adapted almost instantaneously, depending on the requirements of the operator. Typically, moving lights will be pre-programmed before a production and controlled using simple commands, although some more experience operators may prefer to control them ‚??live‚?Ě, if they have the experience to do so.

Impression - From 2009.100% working order. No pixels missing.
Impression - Used on various rentals.
Impression 90xK2 RGB - Impression 90xK2 RGB in good condition.
Impression 90xK2 RGB Package - Package of (6) Impression RGB240XL in great condition.
Impression - Year: 2009 - Includes 6 Way Case

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