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Klark Teknik
Klark Teknik
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Quantity 6
Condition Like New
Year 2013
Location Europe
Case Type Single
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used on various rentals. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.

What's Included

(1) Square ONE Dynamics
(1) Digitech
(1) REV 500
(1) Flight Case

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Klark Teknik

Klark Teknik

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In 1974, brothers Phil and Terry Clarke founded Klark Teknik Research Ltd. Their pioneering approach to design and development allowed them to introduce some truly groundbreaking designs. One of the world??s first digital delay and digital...

Product Information

Square ONE Dynamics

Square ONE Dynamics

The constantly-changing hardware requirements of technical riders are just one of the many issues audio rental companies and live music venues have to deal with. Having to retain a comprehensive inventory of different devices, as well as reconfiguring outboard processing racks is a costly, time-consuming task, further complicated by the number of hardware options available.
The Solution: Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics.Eight channels of flexible, configurable, high-performance dynamics processing in one 3U package. The right brand, the right combination, the right investment, every time.

Klark Teknik

In 1974, brothers Phil and Terry Clarke founded Klark Teknik Research Ltd. Their pioneering approach to design and development allowed them to introduce some truly groundbreaking designs. One of the world‚??s first digital delay and digital reverb units emanated from their laboratory, and their descendants remain in common usage all over the world to this day. However, it was their concepts for graphic EQ devices that really changed the world of professional audio resulting in the uniquely capable DN370 and the world famous DN360. Today Klark Teknik continues to bring innovation in design, engineering and sonic quality in both the analogue and digital realm of audio signal processing. With the introduction of Show Command, Klark Teknik have an integrated system of hardware, software and Ethernet technology providing full control of loudspeaker system equalisation, management and routing. Uniquely in its field, Klark Teknik also provides the customer with an opportunity to invest in leading-edge equipment with an extraordinary working lifespan and unrivalled retained value

Used Enhancers and Exciters

Enhancers and Exciters are a kind of effects processing unit which is used to apply a technique known as audio signal processing in order to enhance audio signals. It does this through a range of processes, including phase manipulation, dynamic equalization, subtle distortion and also through harmonic synthesis of audio signals. In addition, Enhancers and Exciters can also be employed to simulate a deep-sounding base effect in small speakers, which is done by synthesizing the harmonics of low frequency audio signals. One of the first Enhancers and Exciters was the Aural Audio Exciter, which adds synthesized harmonics and phase shift to enhance an audio signal‚??s intelligibility and clarity. Nowadays though, Enhancers and Exciters are usually found in sound enhancement processors and editing software. A modern audio exciter is able to perform a vast range of sound enhancements and can emulate analogue enhancers, and can be applied for numerous different uses. One of the main uses of Enhancers and Exciters is to enhance dull-sounding recordings, especially in the case of older tape recordings which have suffered from repeated overdubs. Enhancers and Exciters are also used in conjunction with software and hardware media players to add audio enhancement, and they are also suitable for vinyl DJs who need to ‚??brighten up‚?Ě older records or add different sound qualities to them. Finally, Audio Enhancers and Exciters can be used with electronic musical instruments such as the bass guitar or electronic keyboards. For this purpose, they are sold in something called a ‚??stompbox‚?Ě pedal format.

Square ONE Dynamics - Used on various rentals. In excellent condition.
Square ONE Dynamics - Square ONE Dynamic in great condition.

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