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Quantity 8
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2005
Location North America
Case Type Cardboard
Previous Use Touring
Warranty 7 Day


Used on a few tours. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.

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What's Included

(1) Power Spot 700
(1) Flight Case

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Product Information

Power Spot 700

Power Spot 700

? USITT DMX-512 (16-bit resolution)
? 21 DMX Channels
? 4 Digit L.E.D. Display
? On board menu settings
? 3-pin XLR serial input/output
? Sound active mode - built in mic. Lamp
on/off Power con mains

? Modular internal construction 1/4 turn removable lid 1/4 turn lamp replacement

? High output luminous- dichroic glass reflector
? 14 - 32 degree linear Zoom All lenses are anti-reflection coated

COLORS 2 Color Wheels
? Color Wheel 1 - interchangeable color filters, 8 dichroic color filters + white, Split colors, Color Wheel 2 - interchangeable color filters, 8 dichroic color filters CTC, CTB + white, Split colors
? Continuous, variable speed, color scrolling in both directions (rainbow effect)
? More color combinations possible by overlaying the multi-color dichroic gobo and the colors on the color wheel

? 3 gobo wheels, 23 total gobos Quick-Snap-System for easy gobo change 7 interchangeable, indexable, rotating gobos plus open 9 interchangeable, static gobos plus open 26.9mm outside diameter, 23mm image diameter, 3mm max thickness
? Gobo Overlay (Gobo Morphing)

? Variable speed strobe effect (1-10) flashes per second
? Pre-set variable/random strobe and dimming pulse effect

? Dual Flag mechanical dimming system

? Beam narrow to wide (4% - 100%)
? Variable speed iris macros
? Small to large and large to small Iris Pulse Effect

? Variable Frost Control
? Hard edge to soft edge

? 3-facet rotating/Indexing Prism
? Both directions at variable speeds
? Macro-function for rotating gobos/rotating prism combinations

? Motor driven focus from near to far

? 14 - 32 degree linear Zoom

?Phillips MSR 700/2 (700W, 72V, 7500degK, 1000 HRS) 55000 lumens, base: G22 (Medium Bi-Post)

? Automatic Pan / Tilt position correction
? Maximum PAN-movement 540deg 16-bit resolution Maximum TILT-movement 280deg 16-bit resolution

? (LxWxH) 19 x 14 x 29 / 482.6 x 355.6 x 736.6 mm 63 lbs. / 28.5 kgs.

? 2 X 1/4 Turn omega brackets 4 X M-10 threaded holes for clamps

Power Supply
? Electronic Ballast
? Voltage: AC 90-260V 50/60Hz
? Power Consumption: 900W (120V=7.5A)


Elation Professional - Professional Lighting & Entertainment Products and Accessories!

Used Moving Lights

Moving lights, or intelligent lighting as they are sometimes called, are basically a type of stage lighting that is able to move due to its integrated mechanical elements, which go beyond the moving parts that are found in more traditional, non-moving lighting. Automated lighting such as moving lights is highly valued by stage lighting technicians as through them, it is possible to create highly complex special effects that simply cannot be made using standard, non-moveable lights. It should be noted however, that when it comes to intelligent lighting, the real intelligence lies with the programmer of the show, rather than the lighting equipment or any operator. Moving head lights, also called moving head luminaires, are highly versatile lighting instruments capable of performing multiple lighting functions at once. They have largely superseded the use of multiple non-moving lights to create special effects, which required many lights and a large amount of skill on behalf of the operators. Moving lights are hooked up to a lighting control console and send data to it in one of three ways ‚?? through an Ethernet control (a relatively new technology), analogue control (now almost obsolete), or DMX, (which is now the industry standard). So long as they have been properly programmed, the optics of wiggly lights can be altered in many ways, allowing for the ‚??personality‚?Ě of the lights to be adapted almost instantaneously, depending on the requirements of the operator. Typically, moving lights will be pre-programmed before a production and controlled using simple commands, although some more experience operators may prefer to control them ‚??live‚?Ě, if they have the experience to do so.

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