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Allen and Heath
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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2005
Location North America
Case Type Cased
Previous Use Corporate
Warranty 7 Day


Excellent condition with just a few cosmetic scratches.The GL2800 is a compact, dual function, LR, M, 8 group, 10 aux, 12 x 4 matrix console with 40 channels including 2 stereo channels.

What's Included

(1) GL2800-840
Power supply
Rolling stage case

Used GL2800 | For Sale | Allen and Heath

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We've built a lot of mixers in the last 35 years or so (over 160,000 at the last count) and we still get a huge buzz out of doing it well. It's an unbeatable feeling to know that at any time of day or night, right across the globe, there is an...

Product Information



Dual Functionality:

We have taken our pioneering dual functionality a leap further with new capability for multi-output and personal monitor mixing. 10 Auxes include a dedicated stereo aux for creating stereo Recording or monitor feeds, or new applications such as sending to a mix of two reverbs. As a monitor console, you get up to 14 mixes such as 8 wedges and 3 stereo IEM, complete with dedicated engineer's monitor using the M fader. With up to 56 input channels you can handle any festival or gig at FOH or on stage with no controls redundant in any mode.


Our new 74dB range, extended headroom mic preamp can handle the widest range of signals you are ever likely to encounter. Switch between XLR mic and TRS line sources, or plug into the XLR only to handle mic or line level stage sources up to a massive +34dBu. From the new low-noise mix amp through responsive 4 band EQ to the differential balanced +26dBu outputs, with its individual card and solid copper bar grounding, every stage has been carefully designed to ensure optimum gain structure and the best sonic performance possible.

12x4 Matrix:

A Matrix with such capability is a major addition to any console at this price point. Fed from the 8 groups and L, R and M mixes, each Matrix includes an external trimmable input with smart auto-switching to accept common mono, stereo or independent sources. Use just two standard jack Cables to patch across from the stereo channel mic preamps to add stereo ambience to two stereo Recording or monitor mixes. Nothing is wasted as the stereo channels may still be used as returns or line inputs. In monitor mode, the Matrix provides a quick way to create studio quality IEM mixes with ambience and 'more me' control. You even get Matrix talkback and mono or stereo monitoring, perfect for keeping in touch with the performers.

Stereo Capability:

Responding to the demands of modern mixing, the GL2800 is equipped with plenty of stereo functionality. Aux 9-10 has dedicated level and pan control complete with mute and stereo monitoring. Listen to the Matrix in mono or stereo, create an LCR mix from the LR and M buses, and add no fewer than 6 stereo line sources using the full feature stereo channels and 2 extra short fader dual stereo returns in the master section.

A well equipped Toolbox:

Engineers will be pleased to discover the many thoughtful touches that make the GL2800 a joy to use. Take for example, the recessed channel pre/post-EQ switches, the 3 headphones outputs including a small jack earpiece socket, the talk latch mode for using a switched handheld talkback mic, the built-in oscillator / pink noise generator with patchable output, extensive metering and much more...

Allen and Heath

We've built a lot of mixers in the last 35 years or so (over 160,000 at the last count) and we still get a huge buzz out of doing it well. It's an unbeatable feeling to know that at any time of day or night, right across the globe, there is an Allen & Heath mixer out there working hard, sounding great and making life a little easier for the guy at the controls.

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GL2800-848 - New in 2005. Has been installed in the seller's main sanctuary unit. Church install.
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GL2800 - GL2800 with 32 channels in good condition.
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