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Pro AV Inventory Liquidation
Pro AV Inventory Liquidation
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Quantity 1
Condition Excellent / Few Scratches
Year 2011
Location Europe
Case Type Other
Previous Use Corporate
Warranty Call


Full Sound, Video, Lighting and Rigging inventory.

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What's Included

10 RCF 310A
10 adamhall speaker tripods
05 Yamaha MG166C/CX + 05 cases
01 bss opal
02 dbx 266xs compressor
01 dbx 166xs compressor
01 lexicon mx400xl
02 wireless Audio-Technica 3000b series racks with(each):
01 antenna combiner
08 handheld cardiod mics
08 pocket + 08 lapel mics(with extra clips)
08 headset bp-892cw
05 Shure SM58
01 Shure SM57
03 audio technica Pro37
04 presonus headphone ditributors HP4 (1-4)
04 Tall(standard) Micro tripods
04 Medium Micro tripods
04 tabletop Micro tripods
04 DI BSS AR-133A
02 Mics Shure mx412dn
01 case para mics shure mx412dn
01 Numark mp302 dual cd player
01 Shure SLX rack with:
02 receivers
02 handheld cardioid mics
01 pocket
01 lapel
01 headset

01 Régie with fiber optics with:
01 Kramer VP727 com update de firmware
01 Matrix Kramer 8x8
01 Controlador (t-bar) kramer
02 22in. Samsung monitors
01 Microcue + 2 remotes(sem laser)
04 Toshiba laptops
01 Lens dle055
01 Lens dle080
01 Lens dle150
01 industrial grade fiber optics 4LCC dvi-d to dvi-d 100m
02 extron amplified transmiter/receivers fiber-->DVI
01 Emitter/Distr. Lindy Cat5 8 ch +

01 Panasonic pt-d6000
02 Panasonic pt-d5700
01 toshiba led 60in.full hd
02 toshiba lcd 50in. full hd
05 Plasma 42in. toshiba(led) and samsung(plasma) full hd
04 fonestar floor mount for plasmas up to 42in.
02 22’’ monitors full hd touch
02 15’’ monitors
02 wedge floor mounts for plasmas up to 50in.
05 floor mount for plasmas up to 65in.
02 avstumpfl monoblox32 305 x 229 cm (front and rear+flightcase)
02 avstumpfl monoblox32 244 x 183 cm (front and rear+flightcase)
01 da-lite screen 4x3 m
01 da-lite screen front 3x2 m(16:9 ratio)
01 truss mount front screen 6x4
20 tripod screens 2x2m
01 Panasonic LB2
02 Panasonic LX26H
02 Panasonic VX400j
01 Panasonic LB90
06 BenQ MH630 1.4A 1080P

01 Martin Magnum Hazer
12 LED bars alkalite tp-81 + malao
04 Sourcefour 26º type 750w
06 Fresnel(2 with 650w, 4 with 1000w)
01 Avolites Pearl 2004
01 Dimmer ETC smartpack touring rack 12chx2.3kva + quadro 63 amp
01 Ma-lighting 1-8ch dmx/xlr splitter
01 Dimmer Betapack zero88 6ch schuko x 2
10 PAR LED64 11w black Eurolite
02 PAR LED64 11w prata
02 Tripés Manfrotto 087nw black
04 Pipes
02 LED bars 3w showtec
01 Arri 650w with tripod
Decor, Truss
12 nivoflex stage modules 2x1m
04 circular custom made stage modules
48 feet for stage with: 48x20cm, 48x40cm, 48x60cm, 48x1m
02 steps
01 acrilic lectern
01 wooden dj cover. goes up to 3m wide.
06 high chairs
02 corkboards
02 metal ramps for truck

06 Truss prolyte h40v 2m
02 Truss prolyte h40v 1m
02 Truss prolyte h40v 0,5m
02 h40v cubes
01 truss milos x30v de 3m
02 truss milos x30v de 2.5m
04 iron bases for truss
02 light wooden tops for truss(to place projectors)
02 projector cradles
50 flipcharts
10 laser printers HP3525 and other inkjet models

cabling, tools, adaptors(sound, lighting, video)
02 Kramer VP409
02 Kramer FC32
04 Extron VGA distributor amplifiers 4-6
01 Extron BNC distributor amplifiers 8
04 Extron vga/cat5 Receiver Cat5e
03 Extron vga/cat5 Emitter Cat5e
01 Extron dual Distributor BNC
04 apple adapters(hdmi, vga, dvi)

Cables & Cases
Klotz CT450M
Klotz TrueLINK TL2U164X30 16/4 Multicore 30m
100m de socapex 2.5 e 4 breaktouts socapex CEE
all the remaining cables and adapters
2 flightcases for cables
1 smaller flightcase for cables
1 roadcase
1 video regie custom made flightcase
4 flightcases for flipcharts
5 flightcases for yamaha mixers
4 dual cases for 42in. plasmas and 50in. lcds

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