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Adamson Systems Engineering
Y10 Package. Used on just a few rentals.

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1 Unit
Excellent / Few Scratches
2 Day
Description & Maintenance
Amps may be available for sale at an additional price. Please call for details. Excellent condition.
(16) Adamson Y10 ( with dolly )
(8) Adamson Y10 Sub ( with dolly )
(2) Adamson Frame Y10
(4) Rigging Staples Up
(4) Rigging Staples Down
(4) Rigging Bar Y10 to Frame
(4) Rigging Bar Y10Sub to Frame
(31) Rigging Bar Y10 to Y10 Standar
(16) Rigging Bar Y10Sub to Y10Sub
(8) Rigging Bar Y10Sub to Y10
(4) Rigging Bar Y10 to Y10 5º
(4) Rigging Bar Y10 Staking Bar
(8) Speakon8 25m ( Y10 )
(8) Speakon8 1m ( Y10 )
(4) Spekon4 25m ( Y10Sub )
(4) Speakon4 1m ( Y10Sub )

Financing Available
US Customers Only
On purchases of $1,000 USD or more.

Used Y10 For Sale
Corporate used Y10 with cover in great condition. Minimum purchase of (4) units includes dolly, priced per uni...

$2,523 USD
€2.243 EUR
Excellent / Few Scratches

10 Day
Y10 with dolly in good condition, previously used on rentals.

$2,846 USD
€2.530 EUR
Normal Wear & Tear

7 Day
Y10 in good condition. Minimum purchase of (2) units. Priced per unit.

$2,750 USD
€2.568 EUR
Normal Wear & Tear

14 Day
Y10 in good condition, previously used on rentals. Minimum purchase of (2) units. Priced per unit.

$4,528 USD
€4.025 EUR
Excellent / Few Scratches

7 Day
Package of (16) Y10 in good condition.

$52,589 USD
€46.750 EUR
Normal Wear & Tear

7 Day
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Package of (16) Y10 in great condition.
$56,760 : €53.010
Package of (16) Y10 in good condition.
$52,589 : €46.750
Y10 in good condition. Minimum purchase of (2) units. Priced per unit.
$2,750 : €2.568
Package of (16) Y10 System in good condition. Previously used on various rentals.
$62,994 : €56.000
Corporate used Y10 with cover in great condition. Minimum purchase of (4) units includes dolly,...
$2,523 : €2.243
M-Series Loudspeaker Controller in great condition.
$1,000 : €934
Package of (10) Spektrix and (2) Waves in good condition.
$30,934 : €27.500
M-15 in excellent condition. Minimum purchase of (2) units. Priced per unit.
$2,236 : €2.088

Y10 News
Nov 15, 2011
Sandeep Dhawan, Technical Director of Dhawan Stagecrafts Pvt. Ltd. recently purchased an Adamson Systems Engineering Y10 line array system from Solaris. Working on a tight deadline Solaris was able to use it's vast knowledge of international shipping to get his system to him just in time for his show."Let me first THANK YOU...

Y10 Complete System - Complete package of (32) Y10, (8) T21 ans (4)...
Y10 - Package of (8) Y10 in great condition.
Y10 - In like new condition. Never been used. Demo ...
Y10 Package - Corporate used package of (24) Y10 in great c...
Y10 - Package of (16) Y10 in great condition.
Y10 - Complete Y10 package. From various rentals.
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Product Details


The Y-10 is a sub-compact 3 way line array that is as powerful as a full sized array, featuring a single patented Adamson mid/high drive module (with 2 patents granted and 2 pending applications). The Adamson drive module has a co-axial entrance and a co-linear exit comprised of a high frequency sound chamber mounted within a mid frequency sound chamber. The drive module is powered by a proprietary 9" Kevlar mid and a JBL 2451 Compression Driver. Together, the drive module and trapezoidal cabinet design create a smooth, slightly curved, seamless wave front with no gaps between cabinets.

The Y10 has a defined coverage pattern of 100 degrees by 5 degrees at -3db down. The vertical coverage is determined by the number of cabinets added to the array. The Y10 comes complete with a sliding hinge rigging system with six one-degree increments, you can achieve precise angular positioning by adjusting the extension of the sliding hinge while the front of the array remains closed.

Light aluminum dollies, and all the components for rigging the Y-Axis come standard. Y10 Waterproof Soft Covers with customized silkscreening and black powder coated aluminum rigging frames to support 16 or 24 Y10's are available as optional accessories.

Live Concert Reproduction
Down fill for Y18
Houses of Worship
Large Clubs

Two Adamson ND-10 L Kevlar Neodymium Drivers
One JBL 2451 HF Driver
The Adamson Co-Linear Drive Module
One Adamson YX9 9 " Kevlar MF Driver
Aluminum Dolly Board
Stainless/Aluminum Slide Hinge Rigging
Adamson Systems Engineering

Used Adamson Systems Engineering

Brock Adamson's passion for sound has driven the evolution of Adamson Systems Engineering from a small speaker shop to a company invested in its own factory, with a broad engineering base and a wide range of computer controlled manufacturing machinery. Now Adamson is recognized as the most advanced manufacturer of loudspeaker systems in the industry. A versatile range of products - from the highly acclaimed Y-Axis and SpekTrix true line source arrays to the SX and MH Series of conventional loudspeakers - has equated the Adamson brand name around the world with excellence and distinction.
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Used Line Array Speakers

Find used line array speakers and line array elements from such popular brands as L-Acoustics, d&b audiotechnik, Meyer Sound and Nexo. All used line array speakers are warrantied and in most cases inspected by factory certified technicians. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used line arrays for large concerts, tours, stadiums and auditoriums. Call us if you don't find it and we will find it for you.
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