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Item #25932
10 foot. 12 inch x 12 inch. Universal GBW3 truss.
North America

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North America
Description & Maintenance
Has a slotted bolt pattern which allows it to mate up with virtually any truss.
(1) 10 foot piece
Available in Black

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Miscellaneous Truss

Used Universal Manufacturing

Arc Lamp - An arc lamp is a device that produces light by the sparking (or arcing, from voltaic arc or electric arc) of a high current between two carbon rod electrodes. The rods are touched and then slowly draw. Used . n apart; as the rods separate the current is "struck" and arcs across the gap in a bright, ionized path. The arc produces a temperature of several thousand degrees, and the tips of the carbon. Used . rods are heated to incandescence, creating light. The rods are slowly vaporized during the process and need to be regularly adjusted to maintain the arc. The concept was first demonstrated by Sir Humphry Davy...

Depth of Field - While a lens focuses on a single plane of depth, there is usually an additional area in focus behind and in front of that plane. This is depth of field. Depth of field increases as the iris is closed.. Used . There is more depth of field the wider the lens and le . Used . ...

Joule - A term in the international system for a unit of electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere is passed through a resistance of one ohm for one second. Used . . Surge protectors are often given joule ratings, but this rating refers only to the amount of energy they can absorb, not what gets through. Its value was calculated originally by James Pr. Used . escott Joule, but the term was first introduced by Dr. Mayer of Heilbronn....

Subtractive Color - Subtractive color explains the theory of mixing paints, dyes, inks, and natural colorants to create colors which absorb some wavelengths of light and reflect others. The color that an object appears t. Used . o have is based on what parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are reflected by it, or conversely by what parts of the spectrum are not absorbed.

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Angstrom - An angstrom, angström, or ångström (symbol Å) is a unit of length. It is not an SI unit. It is accepted (although discouraged) for use with the SI. It is used sometimes used expressing the size of ato. Used . ms, and lengths of chemical bonds and visible-light spectra.

The ångström is named after the Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Ångström (1814–1874), one of the founders of spectrosc. Used . opy. Besides astrophysics, Ångström was also a student of heat transfer, terrestrial magnetism, and the aurora borealis, which was so prominent for him in his northern skies. He created a spectrum chart of sol...

Used Box Truss

Box truss are used in the construction of concert and theatre stages, designed to make the stage extremely strong and able to bear heavy loads that enable the stage to support various types of props and equipment that will be used during the performance. Also called a stage truss, the box truss has many other uses in addition to concert stages. These include electric power pylons, bridges, radio antennas and even in the fuselage of aircraft. The reason they are so popular is due to their design. Basically, a box truss is constructed of three chords (or more), which are supported by diagonal structural elements in order to increase their strength. The box truss is able to support far greater loads than what a concert stage without trusses would be able to, thanks to its diagonal supports. They are also more resistant to twisting, buckling and swaying in heavy winds. There are many different kinds of box truss materials available. One of the most common is the aluminium truss, as this kind of stage truss is lightweight (and so easier to put together) and relatively cheap, yet still able to support very heavy loads. Different load-bearing capabilities are often used to define a box truss. The 12x12 truss is the standard for a medium-duty truss, although larger sizes are available for a heavy duty truss. Itâ??s also possible to find smaller, light-duty truss sizes.
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