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Quantity 2 (Minimum Order 2)
Condition Like New
Year 2000
Location Europe
Case Type No Case
Previous Use Corporate
Warranty 30 Day


Previously used in corporate events. Maintained by authorized technicians.Find It on

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(1) PE-133 MKII

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Product Information



The heart of all PE- equalisers graphic section is a bank of 30 constant-Q band-pass filters equipped with Dynamically Laser Trimmed (DLT) hybrid circuits. The DLT-technology offers you ultra accuracy and optimally controlled phase and amplitude response. The constant-Q design preserves filter bandwidth independent from the amplitude control settings and therefore minimises the adjacent band interaction. Constant-Q reinforces the graphical representation of the true frequency response of the front panel's faders.
Beside the graphic section, the PE-series features factory calibrated full parametric filters with unprecedented fine frequency tuning "vernier control", giving you the ultimate opportunity to fine-tune and remove unwanted sound wave as hum or potential feedback frequencies without disturbing the original overall frequency response. Typically, this enables an increase in system gain of 15 dB before feedback occurs.
The PE-133MKII equaliser has both frequency adjustable high-pass and low-pass filter plus in/out switches on each equaliser section, for instant comparison with flat response.
All potential overload points are continuously monitored by an extremely fast attack, slow release time peak detector circuit illuminating a LED indicator 2 dB before the clipping point is reached, warning the user to reduce the level before distortion occurs.
In case of mains power failure, relays automatically bypass the equaliser by connecting each input directly to its output instantaneously.


Used Equalizers

Equalizers are used in sound recording to equalize the balance between an electronic signalâ??s frequency components, by boosting or cutting the energy of specified frequency bands. Audio equalization is most widely used in sound recording, although it has many other applications beside that of the recording studio. There are a number of different types of Equalizers used in music recording. For example, a simple bass control (or low shelf), is able to adjust the gain of low frequency audio signals, without impacting on other frequencies. High self Equalizers (like a treble) on the other hand, are used to adjust high frequency audio signals only. Parametric Equalizers offers a far greater range of audio equalization functions however. These types of Equalizers are able to make three specific adjustments, something that makes them incredibly versatile. They can be used first of all to adjust the center frequency, and then they can be used to adjust the Q Factor in order to determine how sharp the bandwidth is. Finally, they can also be used to adjust the gain control in order to determine how much a frequency is boosted or cut in relation to frequencies above or below the selected center frequency range. A Graphic Dynamic Equalizer is similar to a Parametric Equalizer, except that these Equalizers are designed to be much more user-friendly. However, they are also less flexible than Parametric Equalizers. Graphic Equalizers employ a bank of filters to cover as many as 30 different frequency bands in the audio spectrum, depending on the model. The center frequency and Q Factor on Graphic Equalizers is fixed, but the level of these can be adjusted.

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