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Item #22372
LCD 845C LED PAR 18 X 3W Tri Color in mint condition.
North America

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Brand New
3 Units
90 Day
Brand New
3 Units
90 Day
North America
Description & Maintenance
In like new condition. Cleaned and maintained meticulously by in house technicians.
(1) LCD 845C

Packaged in original factory cardboard.

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On purchases of $20,000 USD or more.

Used LCD 845C For Sale
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LCD 845C - Corporate use only. Cleaned and tested.
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Product Details
LCD 845C

LCD 845C

Power consumption: Max. 120W
Beam angle: 30 degree
DMX 6 channel
LED Quantity: 18 x 3W Tri Color
Unit weight: 2.8kgs
Size: 215x215x240 mm
Static Color Mode
Color Changing Mode
Color Fading Mode
Color Chasing Mode
Auto Running Mode
Master / Slave Mode
Flash speed adjustable

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The LED Par, or Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Lamp, is a specialized kind of stage lighting apparatus that are versatile enough to be used for practically any kind of application that might be required during concerts and other stage productions. The LED Par uses light-emitting diodes as opposed to traditional high-intensity discharge or halogen bulbs seen in classical stage lighting. There are three main types of LED par that are used in stage lighting. Striplights, PAR cans, which are rounded printed circuit boards on which LEDs are mounted, and moving head lights, which can be mounted on a yoke. Although the LED Par 64 can be used for almost any application, they are generally used as side lights, back lights or top lights, and also for lighting cycloramas. Two of the biggest advantages of the LED Par are that it has reduced power consumption when compared to traditional lights, and also a higher light output. Many LED pars, like the RGBW LED Par, come with green, red and blue LED bulbs, which be adjusted to achieve virtually any color spectrum, thus it is not required to have numerous different colored lights to achieve multiple different colors. One final advantage of the LED LED 1 Watt Par is that it can be directly manipulated using DMX ?? no extra dimmers are required for its control, as the light intensity can be adjusted from the main control panel.
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