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High End Systems
Pristine Shape with Facotry Warrany Remaining

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In immaculate condition.

This Road Hog is in excellent condition and only a few months old. It still has lot of factory warranty left and has been immaculately maintained.
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Road Hog News
Dec 13, 2011
LightParts is a full service repair facility that specializes in moving lights and lighting consoles. They do repairs on High End Systems, Vari-Lite, Clay Paky, Martin Professional, Flying Pig Systems and Jands to name a few. They do repair on moving lights such as the VL3000 Spot, Mac 2000 Profile, Alpha Beam 300 and more....

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Road Hog - Corporate used Road Hog in great condition.
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Product Details
Road Hog

Road Hog

Designed from the ground up to provide superb lighting control with powerful programming procedures, the Road Hog is a true thoroughbred automated lighting console. Its simple and intuitive operations as well as cost effectiveness offer the user an unprecedented amount of control. Equipped with Flying Pig Systems renowned Wholehog software, you are able to create, manage, edit and playback lighting to enhance any production environment.

Bringing you screaming-fast performance in a whisper quiet, self-contained environment, the Road Hog console provides 2048 DMX channels of control. Two internal touchscreens display data and allow quick access to many powerful features. Using legendary Wholehog console hardware, and the proven combination of Windows XP Embedded with the Wholehog operating system means outstanding durability and productivity.

Intended for those passionate about their lighting, the Road Hog console combines innovation with a proven software and hardware platform, resulting in an unprecedented range of lighting capabilities.
High End Systems

Used Flying Pig Systems

From Ani di Franco to ZZ Top concerts. From Super Bowl half time to popular music award shows. From trade shows and talk shows to Olympic ceremonies or church sanctuaries. At High End Systems Inc., we innovate and create the lighting products and control systems that illuminate some of the world's biggest artists on the largest stages, as well as film and television sets, cruise ships, theme parks, restaurants and retail spaces. Now entering our fourth decade, we're one of the world's largest entertainment lighting manufacturers, a pioneer in new digital lighting technology and producer of the industry-preferred lighting controller technology. We attribute our success to staying in touch with the needs of the entertainment lighting community. Product research and development at our Austin, TX headquarters is an ongoing collaboration between in-house engineers and lighting designers in the field. This collaboration is largely to thank for our status as a major industry innovator and intellectual property holder. We're not only keeping pace with industry developments - we're guiding them. We're constantly pushing the creative and technological envelope to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the curve. As members of the entertainment community, we know reliability is paramount. We maintain rigorous manufacturing standards, while providing industry-leading customer support services.
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Preset Boards - Preset boards are the most basic lighting consoles - and also the most prevalent in smaller installations. They consist of two identical fader banks, called 'scenes.' The faders (control slides) on th. Used . ese scenes can be manually adjusted. Each scene has the same number of channels which control the same dimmers, but only one is live at a time, so the console operator can build a scene, then. Used . fade to it. These scenes are often referred to as A-scenes and B-scenes, and a cross-fader is used to fade between the A and B scene.

Generally, a preset board operator has a cue sheet for each s...

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Find used lighting consoles and lighting desks in well maintained condition from such popular brands as MA Lighting, High End Systems, Avolites, Jands and Martin Professional. All used lighting consoles come with warranty and many have been certified by factory technicians. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used lighting consoles desks for touring production, churches, theaters, film, television and more. If you do not find what you are looking for give us a call.
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