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Morpheus Lights
Morpheus Lights
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Quantity 110 (Minimum Order 2)
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2004
Location North America
Case Type Dual
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Used on various rentals. Cleaned and maintained by in house technicians.Find It on

What's Included

(1) PanaBeam XR2+
(1) Dual Flight Case with the purchase of (2) units.
(2) Hanging brackets

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Morpheus Lights | Solaris

Morpheus Lights

Morpheus Lights

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Morpheus Lights is a full service lighting production company, equipment rental source, and manufacturer of innovative products for the professional market. We provide complete, integrated lighting systems using our inventory of state-of-the-art...

Product Information

PanaBeam XR2+

PanaBeam XR2+

PanaBeam? XR2+ is Morpheus Lights high-output washlight that offers an unrivaled combination of unique features to the imaginative designer. For starters, it literally spins circles around its competition with continuous 360-degree pan and continuous 360-degree tilt... and it's fast...really fast.

The XR2+ uses high quality multi-channel commutators - which dramatically increase reliability by eliminating both the twisting of wire harnesses in the fixture yoke and the need for mechanical stops to protect those harnesses. Its high-performance drive system, with oversized, high torque servomotors, make the XR2+ the fastest moving 1200 watt fixture on the market.

Morpheus is widely known for superior color mixing systems. PanaBeam? XR2+ continues that tradition with its wide gamut dichroic CYM plus extended range CTO color system. This combination delivers an unmatched range of deep saturates - with real reds as well as subtle pastels.

We added the ??+ when we reengineered the original PanaBeam?XR2 to take advantage of Philips' MSR Gold 1200 SA/SE FastFit technology. This shorter short-arc lamp, in combination with our electroformed dichroic reflector produces 80% more output than the original XR2. That's a big plus! The FastFit socket ensures an extremely precise lamp position while making lamp replacement a snap.

The proprietary optical system of PanaBeam?XR2+ is like no other - delivering maximum light output across all beam angles. We add to this a three-stage effects system, which includes two dynamic stages, each with four rotating, indexable Elements plus a third stage with frost and static Elements. The system also features fully indexable or continuously rotatable anamorphic beam shaping and two-axis soft edge projection. The shaping lenses can be arranged in such a way to create defined oval or even square wash beam shapes.

With a powder coated aluminum chassis, composite covers, and integral handles, the PanaBeam? XR2+ is built for touring and professional applications.

Dimmer / STROBE
? Smooth mechanical dowser
? Independent high-speed shutter for strobe effects
? Beam angle variable from 10deg to 22deg
? Two axis beam shaping and effects via a two stage, five aperture rotating and indexing effects system
? Third stage with frost plus two apertures for static effects

? Morpheus CYM color mixing technology
? Extended-range variable CTO

? Positional Pan Mode with independent velocity control:
? 540deg - Incremental
? 360deg - Incremental
? 360deg - Shortest Path
? 360deg - Longer Path
? Continuous Pan Mode with independent velocity control
? Clockwise / Counter-clockwise

? Positional Tilt Mode with independent velocity control:
? 270deg - Incremental
? 360deg - Incremental
? 360deg - Shortest Path
? 360deg - Longer Path
? Continuous Tilt Mode with independent velocity control
? Clockwise / Counter-clockwise
? Black powder coated aluminum chassis
? Composite covers
? Integral handles

? Processor based thermal control of variable-speed impeller fan

? Mounts in any orientation with Morpheus PanaPlate? mounting system
? Mounts in any orientation with 2 standard clamps
? Stands directly on the floor

? Length: 18.0 (46 cm)
? Width: 14.5 (37 cm)
? Height: 28.0 (71 cm)
? Weight: 74 lbs. (32 kg)
? Hanging Centers: 21.0 (54cm)

? AC Input: L6-20 panel mount
? Power Range: Auto sensing 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz.
? Main Fuses:
? 15 A for 200-240 VAC
? 20 A for 100-120 VAC

? Lamp: 1200 Watt short-arc
? Approved models: Philips MSR GOLD 1200W SA/SE
? Color Temp: 6500deg K
? Approx. Life: 750 hours
? Base: FastFit
? Ballast: Electronic Flicker Free

CONTROL ? Protocol: USITT DMX-512
? Control Input / Output: 5 pin XLR and 3 pin XLR w/pass-through
? Control Channels: 21
? Receiver: Opto-isolated RS-485
? Addressing: 7 button tactile membrane keypad
? Display: Vacuum Fluorescent

Morpheus Lights

Morpheus Lights is a full service lighting production company, equipment rental source, and manufacturer of innovative products for the professional market. We provide complete, integrated lighting systems using our inventory of state-of-the-art equipment from industry-leading manufactures, while also offering our own unique products. Our talented technical staff is second to none. Many have been with Morpheus for more than a decade, and this experience and dedication ensures that your production is realized to its fullest potential. We call this combination of great people and equipment The Morpheus Advantage. As a manufacturer, the Morpheus Lights brand has been synonymous with innovation for more than 25 years. From the originalPanaSpot® at the dawn the moving lights era, to the ColorFaderâ?˘ dynamic CYM color changer, to the revolutionary PCSpotâ?˘, and ultimately, to PanaBeamâ?˘XR2+. Morpheus continues to develop and improve specialized products to meet the demanding needs of the high performance lighting market. Morpheusâ?? experience as production services company gives us a distinct advantage in engineering and manufacturing high quality technical equipment thatâ??s built to withstand the rigors of the road. Our fulltime research and development department designs new products, refines and evolves existing products and creates custom solutions for our touring / production department.

Used Moving Lights

Moving lights, or intelligent lighting as they are sometimes called, are basically a type of stage lighting that is able to move due to its integrated mechanical elements, which go beyond the moving parts that are found in more traditional, non-moving lighting. Automated lighting such as moving lights is highly valued by stage lighting technicians as through them, it is possible to create highly complex special effects that simply cannot be made using standard, non-moveable lights. It should be noted however, that when it comes to intelligent lighting, the real intelligence lies with the programmer of the show, rather than the lighting equipment or any operator. Moving head lights, also called moving head luminaires, are highly versatile lighting instruments capable of performing multiple lighting functions at once. They have largely superseded the use of multiple non-moving lights to create special effects, which required many lights and a large amount of skill on behalf of the operators. Moving lights are hooked up to a lighting control console and send data to it in one of three ways â?? through an Ethernet control (a relatively new technology), analogue control (now almost obsolete), or DMX, (which is now the industry standard). So long as they have been properly programmed, the optics of wiggly lights can be altered in many ways, allowing for the â??personalityâ?ť of the lights to be adapted almost instantaneously, depending on the requirements of the operator. Typically, moving lights will be pre-programmed before a production and controlled using simple commands, although some more experience operators may prefer to control them â??liveâ?ť, if they have the experience to do so.

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