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Carver Professional
The pm Series is the Pro Music series of amplifiers from Carver Professional. Applications for the pm Series include concert sound, theatrical productions, fixed installs, touring musicians, DJ's and any use where size, power, low-weight and performance are the primary criteria for selection. The pm Series amplifiers have been used worldwide for years in professional sound reinforcement and concert sound applications. Five year manufacturers warranty. Made in the U.S.A. PM700 Features: Acceptan...

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... Features: Acceptance of balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (1/4) line inputs. External level control defeat switch. Power ON sequencer. Power connected/standby indicator. 7 LED display per channel, including power ready and clip/protector. 2-speed fan cooling. Class A/B Operation. Multi-way binding post output connectors. Independent CH1 and CH2 level controls with 11 detent positions. Dual mono mode for Operating both channels with a mono signal. Bridged mono mode for combining the power of both channels into a single higher powered channel. Independent CH1/CH2 relays will instantaneously disconnect if DC offset, over temperature or short circuit fault conditions are detected. Protection circuitry including clipping eliminator. CE Approved. Specifications: Power in stereo: 225W (8 ohms), 350W (4 ohms). Power bridged mono: 700W (8 ohms)
Carver Professional

Carver Professional Amp Rack Units

Carver Professional is a division of Phoenix Gold International, Inc. Company Mission To design, manufacture and sell innovative, state-of-the-art professional power amplifiers and accessories with a commitment to providing the world's finest components for music, sound reproduction and sound reinforcement. Company Profile Carver Professional has a long history of manufacturing professional power amplifiers. A pioneer in audio amplifier technology and the first to supply the world touring market with lightweight/high-power amplification, Carver Professional's amplifiers will suit any professional or commercial application, whether you are a practicing musician, an A/V Design Consultant, a sound contractor, or a touring company. Technology Carver Professional's dedication to excellent quality is demonstrated through its vertical integration. Every aspect of a Carver Professional amplifier is created under one roof in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. By maintaining control of the nuts and bolts on the production floor, and staying in tune with the professional audio industry, the Company maintains fast market responsiveness. This translates into innovation. Carver Professional was the first manufacturer to deliver lightweight, smaller amplifiers, the first to use magnetic field power supply technology and the first to deliver a professional power amplifier utilizing a switching power supply. Carver Professional continues to meet the needs of the professional sound industry. Look for new and innovative products, currently under development, for delivery in 2003. Products Carver Professional designs, manufacturers and sells power amplifiers for the professional sound industry . All Carver Professional amplifiers are mechanically and electronically designed to handle the rigors of the road or meet the critical demands of a permanent installation.
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Find used audio amps and amplifiers by top manufacturers such as Lab Gruppen, Crown, Crest, Powersoft and more. All products come with warranties and are tested before shipping to you. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used amplifiers for installations, concerts, churches, events and all types of entertainment production. If you do not find what you are looking for give us a call and we will quickly find it for you.
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