December 16th, 2011

LightCalc provides technical assistance to the Lighting Designer with the preliminaries of lighting a production.LightCalc is a kit of computer tools to make many of the routine calculations involved with Lighting Design:
Beamspread, Throw distance, Intensity and Angle of Illumination.Projected Image Size and Lens Requirements.Colour filter cross-matching.Finding a luminaire to meet specific performance requirements.StructureLightCalc operates on a Database of information containing:
photometric data on the luminaires available for use.colour filter equivalents.The information for the database is supplied as part of the LightCalc package, but may be simply extended or modified as your needs require. LightCalc is a menu driven program providing all options on screen. Once familiar with the program LightCalc's menus don't get in the way, as each option is selected with a single key-stroke.
System RequirementsThe minimum system requirements to use the LightCalc system are:
IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible computer.128 kbytes of RAM.80 x 25 character display, colour or monochrome.1 x floppy disk drive 360 kbytes or larger.MS-DOS or PC-DOS version 2.1 or later or DR/Novell-Dos.
Software Help LineThe Kilowatt Company offers free telephone support to all purchasers of LightDoc and LightCalc from 09:00 to 24:00 E.A.S.T. every day of the year.
LightData Bonus ProgramLightDoc and LightCalc both come with a special bonus software package: LightData which is a database of information on over 100 luminaires in current use. The LightData package can be used to prepare the database files required by LightDoc and LightCalc without the need to search through reams of manufacturers' specification sheets.

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