December 16th, 2011

LdImport provides the LightDoc user with an interface to AutoCAD, the industry standard Computer Aided Design program, eliminating the majority of data entry for LightDoc by extracting the data directly from your AutoCAD lighting plan.
StructureLdImport provides three tools to interface to AutoCAD:
a template for a standard AutoCAD BLOCK of your luminaires which includes all of the necessary data fields as ATTRIBUTES . A selection of sample blocks (DWG files) constructed to the standard are provided.a definition file for use by the AutoCAD ATTEXT process.the LdImport program which converts the data extracted from the AutoCAD drawing into a LightDoc production.LdImport extracts the data required for a LightDoc production including:
all Luminaire specificationsall Filter coloursall Luminaire data except for the name of the rigging location.a preliminary Venue specification.To complete the documentation of a production with LightDoc simply requires attaching your standard venue files and selecting a rigging location for each luminaire.

Ease of UseLdImport has a menu system, similar in style to Microsoft' Windows, which can be operated simply with either a keyboard or a mouse.
Help on whichever function you are using is available at any time by pressing the F1 key.
The Electronic User Guide for LdImport is built in to the program's help system, and is always instantly available.

System RequirementsThe minimum system requirements to use LdImport are:
IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, or compatible computer.256 KByte of RAM.80 x 25 character display, colour or monochrome.1 x floppy disk drive 360 KByte or larger.MS-DOS, DR/Novell-DOS or PC-DOS version 2.1 or later.LightDoc Version 2 or later.AutoCAD Release 10 or later.

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