December 15th, 2011

CueStep for Windows V2.0 provides a way to organise and perform shows using cues. Cues can be organised into files to reflect your particular requirements, for example, one cue file per song, per act, etc.
Here are the main features of CueStep for Windows V2.0.

Unlimited number of cues per file. You can organise your files to represent songs, scenes, acts, etc.A cue can load, play or stop MIDI sequences.A cue can load or play Windows AVI video files.A cue can be given a timeout, after which CueStep automatically moves to the next cue.A cue can trigger a DMX lighting sequence.CueStep allows you to define an unlimited number of DMX devices that describe the types of lights you wish to control.The definition of each channel of a device can be split into 'segments', especially useful for colour channels.Cuestep allows you to define an unlimited number of DMX fixtures, where you place a DMX device into your show.Each fixture can contain any number of 'scenes', that allow you to set values for one or more of the channels for that fixture.CueStep allows you to define an unlimited number of DMX sequences, comprising of 'tracks', assigned to a DMX fixture.Each track of a sequence can contain any number of 'snapshots', which allow you to describe the behaviour of a fixture at a Point IN time.Snapshots can be built from the fixture 'scenes' you have created, and you can override any DMX channel too.You can define smooth transitions for any number of channels between snapshots.Each track of a sequence can be made to loop until the next DMX sequence is triggered, play once, or play a fixed number of times.NEW Using the built-in 'quick' visualiser, you can see your lightshow without the need for lights! Program your show on the train or the plane!NEW The animation/media window is now separate. You can use multiple-monitor support to use a projector easily.In performance, you can use the following features to run your show.
You can select a cue from the cue list with the mouse or keyboard.You can define MIDI messages to advance to the next or previous cues.NEW You can use a MIDI message to automatically load a new cue file.Cue files can also be organised into 'sets', so that once you reach the end of one cue file, the next can be loaded automatically.

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