December 15th, 2011

The New Standard in CAD Productivity
Productivity. Its a mission-critical component for any industry that creates, consumes, or manages design information. A new standard in CAD productivity began with the AutoCAD 2004 software release, giving users measurable productivity gains of up to 70 percent.*
Now AutoCAD 2005 builds on the dramatic power and speed of AutoCAD 2004 with new tools that eliminate tedious drafting tasks and ensure maximum efficiency throughout your process.
Coordinating Sets of Drawings
Organisations using AutoCAD software may have hundreds or even thousands of drawing files for a specific project. During the course of a project, team members can spend a significant amount of time collating sheet sets, renumbering sheets, and updating sheet index information.
With the new Sheet Set Manager, you can efficiently create, manage, and share entire sets of related drawings from a single location.
Drawing and Creating Tables
Tabular data such as lists, schedules, and legends is a fundamental part of many sheet sets. Manually creating or updating table data using basic AutoCAD objects such as lines and text requires many steps and is often time-consuming.
With AutoCAD 2005, you can instantly generate data tables with a single command and then easily modify table content as in standard word-processing software.
Annotating Drawings
Text-based information, such as page numbers and title BLOCK data, is repeated throughout an entire drawing set. Tracking changes and making updates to this text can be a tedious and error-prone process.
The new Field command simplifies the task of creating, placing, and editing text throughout your drawings and sheet sets. Updates are made automatically, saving you time, and ensuring the accuracy of your data.
Publishing Sheet Sets
Whether you are preparing hard-copy plots for a client meeting, distributing partner-specific sheet sets to team members, or sending Design Web Format files (DWF files) to suppliers, you need to know that the correct information is being collected, published, and shared in an efficient manner.
Plotting from the Sheet Set Manager and a simplified plot user interface enable you to easily plot a complete set of drawings to paper or publish them to DWF. And with background plotting, you dont have to stop working while you plot or publish your drawings.
Integrated Design Review
Design is an iterative process. Every project goes through numerous review cycles that, in turn, require drawing modifications and subsequent approvals. Often these communications are made with pen and paper.

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