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Martin Audio
Complete W8L line array system package. Has all original components. Clean and tested.

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1 Unit
Normal Wear & Tear
2 Day
North America
Description & Maintenance
Used by the same company for different installations. Has all original components in it. Never been abused. Clean and tested.
(16) W8L
(4) Fly Frames

Financing Available
US Customers Only
On purchases of $1,000 USD or more.

Used W8L For Sale
This is a Complete Martin-Audio Longbow Package with FP10000Q and FP6400. Comes with Flight Cases.

$138,591 USD
€121.000 EUR
Excellent / Few Scratches

2 Day
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This is a Complete Martin-Audio Longbow Package with FP10000Q and FP6400. Comes with Flight Cas...
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Coporate used W8LC in great condition, with padded cover.
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W8L - W8L Set in great condition.
W8L Set - Package of (24) W8L in good condition.
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Product Details


The martin Audio Wavefront W8L is a line array system which combines innovative horn loading techniques with line array technology to produce a very powerful line array with maximum dynamic impact. It is a 3-way, full-range system and may be used withouT Subwoofers for many applications. Where very low frequency extension is required, a W8L array will integrate seamlessly with the martin Audio WSX folded-horn Subwoofer in a fully horn-loaded 4-way configuration.
Martin Audio

Used Martin Audio

Martin Audio was founded in 1971 to manufacture and supply world class touring systems for the supergroups of the day that included Pink Floyd and Supertramp. We are very proud of this heritage. Designing leading edge live performance systems has remained core to our success. Today, Martin Audio enjoys an international reputation for supplying superb performance ready systems across the spectrum of sound reinforcement applications. Our portfolio of products, now highly developed, meet customer requirements for every market sector. Renowned for integrity in design, technical excellence and the longevity of its products, Martin Audio takes system creation into a further dimension. Our aim is for every member of the audience to enjoy an exceptional sonic experience. Martin Audio systems are designed with in-built sound qualities which artists can rely on to faithfully reproduce their performance to every corner of the auditorium.
Conventional - Conventional lighting is made up of stationary lights that can be moved, but only via manual means of adjusting, or focusing the fixture with a yoke. However, some aspects of the lights, like brightne. Used . ss and color may be controlled remotely
by consoles or analog audio inputs. There are many different conventional lights used in stage lighting design including floodlights, pars, foll. Used . owspots, ellipsoidals, fresnels, strips and cycs. ...

Subs - A sub or subwoofer is a speaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass frequencies, usually from about 20 Hz to about 200 Hz. . Used . . Used . ...

Dimmers and Distro - Dimmers are devices used to vary the brightness of a light or stage light and are usually controlled remotely by a lighting console or controller by way of a protocol that is usually DMX. A Distro is . Used . a device that distributes power to many devices.. Used . ...

Reverb - Reverb is an audio effect that reproduces the many echos that occur when a sound is produced in an enclosed space where the sound is reflected repeatedly by the boundaries of the enclosure, even after. Used . the source of the sound stops. The number of echos and the duration of the echos can be varied and with some modern effects units, the shape of the enclosure can be altered as well.. Used . ...

Rigging Hardware - Rigging Hardware applies to all the pins, hooks and other pieces used to connect and hoist gear into place.. Used . . Used . ...

Used Line Array Speakers

Find used line array speakers and line array elements from such popular brands as L-Acoustics, d&b audiotechnik, Meyer Sound and Nexo. All used line array speakers are warrantied and in most cases inspected by factory certified technicians. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used line arrays for large concerts, tours, stadiums and auditoriums. Call us if you don't find it and we will find it for you.
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