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Quantity 2
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2009
Location Europe
Case Type No Case
Previous Use Installation
Warranty 127 Day


Previously used on an installation. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.Find It on

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(1) VT4888-AFB

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James Bullough Lansing was born James Martini, 14 January 1902, in Macoupin County, Millwood Township, Illinois. His parents were Henry Martini, born in St. Louis, Missouri, and Grace Erbs Martini, born in Central City, Illinois. The elder...

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Rigging and Framing doe VT4888


James Bullough Lansing was born James Martini, 14 January 1902, in Macoupin County, Millwood Township, Illinois. His parents were Henry Martini, born in St. Louis, Missouri, and Grace Erbs Martini, born in Central City, Illinois. The elder Martini was a coal mining engineer, and his work required that the family moved about quite a bit during Lansing's early years. Lansing was the ninth of fourteen children, one of whom died in infancy. For a short time, Lansing lived with the Bullough family in Litchfield, Illinois. He later took their name when he changed his from Martini to Lansing. Not much is known about Lansing's early days, and we are indebted to Bill Martin, one of three surviving brothers, for providing most of the information presented here. Lansing graduated the eighth grade at the Lawrence School in Springfield, Illinois. He also attended the Springfield, Illinois, High School. Later, he took courses in a small business college in Springfield. As a young lad he was very interested in all things electrical and mechanical. At about the age of 10, he built a Leyden Jar which he used to play pranks on his playmates. He also constructed crystal sets, and at one time, probably about the age of 12 or so, built a small radio transmitter from scratch. The signals from this set were apparently strong enough to reach the Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois; naval personnel determined the source of these signals and later supervised the timely dismantling of the young Lansing's radio transmitter. For a while Lansing worked as an automotive mechanic, specializing in fine engine repair work. He attended an automotive school for mechanics in Detroit through the courtesy of the dealer he worked for in Springfield. Lansing's mother died 1 November 1924 at the age of 56, and at that time Lansing left home. As best we can determine, he went directly to Salt Lake City. Mrs. Lansing, the former Glenna Peterson of Salt Lake City, tells of meeting Lansing in 1925 in that city. At the time he was working for a radio station as an engineer. In addition, he worked for the Baldwin loudspeaker company in Salt Lake City for a time. He also met his future business partner, Ken Decker, in Salt Lake City.

Used Speaker Frames / Rigging

Speaker frames/ rigging serve as an enclosure that holds the drivers together. It provides physical speaker mounting that prevents the sound waves from getting out the back of the drivers and colliding with the other sounds. This prevents sound cancellation, comb filtering and low quality of sound from the speakers. Speaker frames/ rigging commonly include a flyware component, rigging flyware, bumper and speaker hanging hardware. The set up and striking of the speaker frames can affect the quality of sound. The speaker system needs to have exclusive rigging hardware so that the enclosure can secure the lock down and protection of the components. Depending on the placement and suspension system of the speakers, the enclosure can include cabinets and quick attach pins and stainless steel pins to hold the components in place. Ideally, speaker frames/ rigging should become accustomed to heavy-duty usage and it should provide security for the speakers. The design should be secure, stable and should have a strong platform for the ground placement of speakers. The whole support system should be able to handle the weight of the components and it should be able to maintain a level ground stack. It should have multiple angles and rigging options for all kinds of hardware. Speaker frames/ rigging are a key feature in any sound system because it secures the location and placement of the speakers. The more flexible and simple the design, the better choice it will be. Each speaker should be placed properly so it can perform up to its optimum level.

VT4888-AFB - B-StockVT4888-AFB with 2 Years Factory Warranty in excellent condition

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