Used Split rack with UPS | For Sale Item# 41035

Radial, 3d cases, SSE
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Quantity 1
Condition Like New
Year 2014
Location Europe
Case Type Dual
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 14 Day


A high quality split rack designed for live recording. Previously used on various rentals. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.Find It on

What's Included

(6) Radial OX8
Splits to 2 VDM 150 mulitpin connectors
(3) Dual Flight Cases
16 and 13 amp Power panel fed by UPS
16 way return's panel.

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Radial, 3d cases, SSE | Solaris



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Radial Engineering is a manufacturer and distributor of professional audio equipment, building tools for the working audio and audio-video professional. Radial is located on the Fraser River, just outside Vancouver, British Columbia in the...

Product Information

Radial OX8

Radial OX8

Radial 8ox - eight channel 3-way splitter

Compact 8-channel multi-purpose mic splitter
Rear pannel D-sub and Phoenix screw terminals
Ideal for live Recording and signal distribution
Choice of custom Radial or Jensen transformers
Choice of 19" rack or frame mounted designs
The Radial 8ox is a high performance, 8-channel mic splitter with 3 outputs on each channel: a direct output for 48V phantom return, and auxiliary output with ground lift switch and a transformer isolated output.

Although primarily designed for mic signals, the 8ox is equipped with a 20dB pad for line level sources. This makes the 8ox highly adaptable for all types of signal splitting and particularly well suited to accommodate live Recording by delivering a transformer isolated audio signal path for the Recording engineer while providing a direct feed to the front of house and monitor consoles.

For maximum flexibility, several connector options are available: Inputs may be accessed via the front panel using standard XLRs or on the rear panel with choice of 25 pin D-subs wired to the Tascam standard or Euro screw-down terminal connectors. Outputs include D-Subs and Euro connectors which are also located on the rear panel. These make it easy to connect to popular multitrack Recording systems while providing easy termination for permanent installations.

Because it is 100% passive, it does not require any power to make it work and maximum durability is ensured with heavy duty 14 gauge steel construction throughout. A frame mounted version called the 8ox CI provides an excellent option for installation inside standard electrical Nema enclosures. The Radial 8ox comes standard with our custom wound transformers or may be special ordered with Jensen Transformers.

The Radial 8ox a great sounding splitter that is easy to use, compact and convenient.

8ox Connections:

Front: Balanced XLR with ground lift and pad
Rear: 25-pin D-sub or Phoenix screw-down connectors for each channel.


Mic splitter for Recording
Mic splitter with broadcast truck
Mic splitter in large Venue

Radial, 3d cases, SSE

Radial Engineering is a manufacturer and distributor of professional audio equipment, building tools for the working audio and audio-video professional. Radial is located on the Fraser River, just outside Vancouver, British Columbia in the municipality of Port Coquitlam. The company began operations in the fall of 1991 as the Canadian distributor of Mogami cable and Jensen Audio Transformers. In 1992, it became a limited corporation under the JP Cabletek Electronics Ltd. banner. The Radial name was first used on house branded cables and snake systems. The Radial name and logo represents a cross section of quad cable; Radial being round. In 1996 the Radial JDI direct box was launched. This led the way to the Radial JDV and today, over 50 electronic products are now being produced under the Radial, Tonebone and Forest Audio brands. In 2001, the Primacoustic brand was launched to address the growing demand for acoustic products for the burgeoning home recording market and in 2006, the company officially changed its name to Radial Engineering Ltd.

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Input/output processors are used for multichannel sound recording in real time. Capable of studio-grade fidelity, these specialized soundcards are used in professional sound engineering and make use of an audio stream input output protocol. These kinds of I/O audio processor soundcards are fitted with multiple input and output connections, usually USB, FireWire or some kind of optical interface so that a larger amount of data can be carried than with a normal sound card. Input/output processors also emphasize higher fidelity and sampling rates, as they are intended for real-time audio mixing and multi-channel recording. Due to their highly specialized nature, input/output processors are not considered practical for home users, as they lack certain features common in consumer soundcards, such as real-time ambience effects, environmental audio extensions and the ability to accelerate hardware in video games, as these are considered to be undesirable. Input/output processors feature a specially designed protocol that is capable of handling numerous inputs and outputs for audio, as consumer soundcards have a sampling latency that is comparatively large, and therefore unsuitable for professional applications. Consumer soundcards simply take too long to convert and transfer a sound sample to the hard drive of a computer, and they are also limited in the amount of bit depths and effective sampling rates they can process. Input/output processors typically have multiple channels, rather than just the two provided on most consumer soundcards, and there connectors are more accessible.

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