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This is a Midas Siena 400 Monitor Board 40 Channel Includes a Road Case with Dog House, Dust Cover, and 4 Little Lites.

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1 Unit
Excellent / Few Scratches
7 Day
North America
Description & Maintenance
Never Toured. Used for One Offs and Local Stuff.

16 Mono Mix's
2 Stereo Mix's
Pad, Mute, Phase Reverse, 48 Volt, Insert, EQ, Line Switch
4 Band EQ
Varaible High Pass Filter
Mute Groups
Linkable Outputs to Create Stereo Mix's
Road Case with Dog House
Dust Cover
4 Little Lites

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Used Siena For Sale
Corporate used Siena 400 with flight case in great condition.

$4,050 USD
€3.600 EUR
Excellent / Few Scratches

90 Day
Corporate used Siena 480 with flight case in excellent condition.

$4,528 USD
€4.025 EUR
Excellent / Few Scratches

90 Day
From installation. Call for more information on this listing.

$5,351 USD
€4.998 EUR
Normal Wear & Tear

7 Day
Siena 480 with flight case in mint condition, previously used on an installation.

$7,762 USD
€6.900 EUR
Like New

30 Day
Like new Siena with 48 channels in mint condition.

$8,034 USD
€7.142 EUR
Like New

15 Day
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Siena 480 with flight case in mint condition, previously used on an installation.
$7,762 : €6.900
Corporate used Siena 480 with flight case in excellent condition.
$4,528 : €4.025
Like new Siena with 48 channels in mint condition.
$8,034 : €7.142
From installation. Call for more information on this listing.
$5,351 : €4.998
Corporate used Siena 400 with flight case in great condition.
$4,050 : €3.600
Heritage 3000 with 56 Channels in good condition.
$10,900 : €10.180
XL3 with 40 channels in good condition.
$4,646 : €4.234
Corporate used Heritage 2000 in great condition.
$11,013 : €9.790

Siena 640 - 64 mic inputs. Used on various rentals.
Siena - Midas Sienna 40 Channel Touring Package
Siena 48 16 2 - 48 channel console in perfect working order.
Siena 240 - Corporate used Siena 240 with flight case in ...
Siena 480 - 48ch FOH console with internal 2x PSU
Siena - Siena in great condition.
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Siena 480 - Siena 480 touring package in mint condition. ...
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Product Details


Siena brings all of Midas' knowledge and experience in building dual-purpose consoles, such as the industry-leading Heritage 3000 and the now-legendary XL3, and offers all of these benefits in a compact package. Siena has been designed to both compliment and expand the ground-breaking Verona concept. Built on the highly successful, proven Verona platform, the Siena represents a combination of superb Audio Performance, and increased functionality, creating a new, class-leading, dual-purpose console.

Siena is more than a Verona with extra auxes. The buss structure has been redesigned to be more appropriate for monitor use. Sophisticated engineering Solutions have been employed, such as the advanced Solo Tracking System, switched inserts on outputs, and a powerful logic controlled solo system.

Siena has a comprehensive control surface, however, it still maintains the familiar ergonomic layout of all Midas consoles, making navigation around the control surface quick, easy and intuitive.

Siena will appeal to the discerning audio professional, be they working in Concert sound, Theatre, Broadcast, House-of-worship or Audio-Visual, and at either end of the multicore.

Used Midas

Midas has been designing and manufacturing live performance mixing consoles for the worldâ??s most demanding sound engineers, performers and production rental companies since the early 1970s. The evolution of Midas consoles throughout the 30-year history of this classic marque has always paralleled, and often led, increasingly sophisticated audio innovations for the world-wide entertainment technology industry. Raising the standards of sonic quality through continual research and development has always been - and still remains - our overall aim. Equally important to us is the design and implementation of many new areas of control functionality and user-friendly desk operation to anticipate and accommodate the rapidly changing and expanding needs of audio professionals who specify Midas consoles for their major tours, festivals, international events, broadcast projects and prestigious fixed installations. The Midas design pedigree has, since our birth, been founded upon a track record of achieving a unique symbiosis with working sound engineers around the planet - engineers who respect and endorse our proven technology in the light of their responsibilities to their internationally-based clients who are themselves the leading lights of our industry.
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Used Audio Mixers

Audio mixers, or sound consoles, are electronic sound mixing boards used to combine two or more audio signals, before directing them to the output channels connected to the device. Sound consoles do a great deal more than just combining different audio signals â?? they allow users to optimize the sound output in a number of ways â?? adjusting various sound levels, enhancing sound with special effects and equalization etc, allowing for unmatched control over the end product. When there is a need for high quality sound control and output, audio mixers are an essential item for audio team. Mixing desks are used on stage in live concerts to combine the sound input from various musical instruments in to a stereo master mix. For TV and movie studios, sound consoles are essential to combine the various sounds from the numerous different microphones that will be used. Audio mixers are available in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and designs, beginning with smaller units designed for portability, right up to the enormous sound consoles used in recording studios. The term audio mixer actually refers to any kind of sound mixing board, whereas a sound console is usually a device which sits permanently on a desk. Technicians usually differentiate audio mixers according to how many channels they have. Fairly standard in the recording industry is the 12-channel mixer, in which you can hook up a total of 12 input sources. Sound consoles can also be more specified â?? for example, a 24 x 4 x 2 mixer has 24 inputs, 4 sub-group channels and 2 output channels.
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