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Quantity 1
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2003
Location North America
Case Type Cased
Previous Use Rentals
Warranty 7 Day


Previously used on rentals. Cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians.

64 pixel by 48 pixel
Ratio 1 : 1,33
Total of 3072 PixelFind It on

What's Included

(72) LED Panel 16 MM IP65
(16) Bumpers (2) Panels Wide
(2) Bumpers (3) Panels Wide
(18) Bumper Joints
(3) Distro Camlock In/Out 6xC Form
(1) Distro Camlock In 12xC Form
(2) Fan-Out Socapex 6xC Form
(3) Box Socapex 6xC Form
(14) AC C Form 24
(15) AC C Form 50
(75) AC Jumper C Form
(16) Data Jumper 1
(66) Data Jumper 2
(7) Data Jumper 20
(5) Data Jumper 50
(5) Cat5

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An Imposa Lite projectOur MissionIMPOSA has a mission to design, produce and market high-end LED screens. These products are highly innovative, efficient and meet the highest quality standards in the industry and this, worldwide. IMPOSA also...

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An Imposa Lite project Our Mission IMPOSA has a mission to design, produce and market high-end LED screens. These products are highly innovative, efficient and meet the highest quality standards in the industry and this, worldwide. IMPOSA also has extensive experience and expertise in managing and implementing tailor-made LED screen projects which allow it to be an important player and very active in the industry. IMPOSA products feature a quality and technology that is still unmatched in the market, making the brand a major player in the industry of LED screens. These products, in addition to being revolutionary, meet the highest standards of the industry in terms of image quality and workmanship as well as security. Strong global presence In recent years, IMPOSA has completed major projects worldwide and has built strong partnerships in the various markets where it operates. IMPOSA offers its international clients its expertise in project management and manufacturing of LED screens. Reputation, quality and high level of technological innovation of products designed and marketed by IMPOSA continuously increase its presence in new markets. Take a look at our most recent worldwide projects. The D Casino Hotel - Las Vegas, USA Tailored and specialized projects IMPOSA efficiently and proactively executes R&D activities which encourage the development and nomination of products technologically advanced on the market. Take a look at our modern production line. Thanks to its know-how and its design and production team, both flexible and powerful, IMPOSA can understand and analyze the needs of clients and implement their world-class quality projects. IMPOSA specializes in tailor-made achievements of top quality and each new project is an opportunity to demonstrate its passion and skill for LED screens. Download our documentation

Used LED Video Screens

LED Screens are used in concerts to produce a video wall or concert video screen, so that the musicians and performers can be shown close up, and also for displaying background visuals during a performance. This type of visual display system is essentially a large number of LED screens which are tiled together or overlapped in a way so that they produce a much larger screen. Also called a video tile, LED screens will have extremely narrow bezels (the part which surrounds the LED screens), so that the display is not impacted too badly by having large gaps appear between each tile. Many concert planners prefer using LED screens to one large screen as they offer a number of advantages, including a customized layout, greater pixel density and a greater screen area for the cost, as manufacturing unusually large screens can be prohibitively expensive. LED screens use something called light-emitting diodes to illuminate the video screen. Two different types of panel are used in LED screens ?? discrete LEDs and surface mounted panels. Most types of outdoor LED video screen and indoor LED video screen use discrete LEDs, which are made up of a cluster of blue, green and red diodes. This cluster of diodes forms just one pixel in the LED screen, and so many hundreds of diodes are used, with the pixels being spaced out evenly across the entire screen. This combination of color clusters enables every color in the light spectrum to be replicated on LED screens.

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