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Full Dynacord system including (10) F12, (10) F17PWH, (120) F18PWH and amplifiers.

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1 Unit
Normal Wear & Tear
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Description & Maintenance
Normal wear. Call for more information on this listing.
Pieces - Cabinets:
(10) High cabinet F12 Forum Line
(5 per side)
(10) Low cabinet F17PWH Forum Line
(5 per side)
(20) Sub cabinet F18PWH Forum Line
(10 per side)

(4) XA2600 Dynacord
(5) L 1600 Dynacord

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Product Details


The F 18 PWH is concepted as a straight waveguide horn with a vented transducer cabinet. The recommended active x-over frequency 125 Hz, 18 dB/Oct. Butterworth. The 18" EVX 180A OEM loudspeaker chassis is reliably protected against critical power levels and short thermal overload by thermo switches and 4-way halogen lamp protection. The F 18 PWH cabinet is made of poplar plywood 18 mm. All corner joints and braces are grooved and glued. Braces are screwed additionally in order to reduce natural resonances to a Minimum. The cabinet surface is finished in extremely resistant needled black-mottled felt. A powder-coated steel grid and an acoustic foam front protects the speaker front. The connector panel uses two 4-pole Speakon connectors (Input/Output) for safe connection and easy chaining to the next loudspeaker. The 4 handle trays on the sides guarantee easy and safe transport. 4 large-sized rubber feet and allow easy handling and safe stand. Two recessed speaker stand threaded flanges on the top allow various setups.

Used Dynacord

Brands like DYNACORD, ELECTRO-VOICE, RTS and others are under the roof of Bosch Communications, Inc. EVI Audio GmbH as the European headquarters with the electronics manufacturing is located in Straubing, Germany. The loudspeaker boxes are produced in a second facility in Hohenwarth, approximately 45 km away. In Europe approximately 650 employees are occupied, approximately 500 of which are in Germany. Regional PI-distribution offices are in all large areas of business concentration across Germany. EVI Audio GmbH is also responsible for the activities of the subsidiaries in France and UK and for the territory of Africa and Middle East. The place of work is Straubing, a mid-size city in close proximity to the Bavarian Forest with his many idyllic little villages. This area offers all amenities and schools close by and all possibilities of living, leisure and sports.
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Used Cabinet Speakers

Find used speakers and used speaker cabinets from popular brands as JBL, Turbosound, EAW and more. All used speakers we carry are warrantied and in most cases inspected by factory certified technicians. Solaris sells and buys secondhand and used speaker cabinets for use in churches, clubs, theaters and other large events and shows. Call us if you don't find it and we will find it for you.
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