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Quantity 2
Condition Normal Wear & Tear
Year 2012
Location Europe
Case Type Other
Previous Use Corporate
Warranty 7 Day


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(1) D5 RE

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DiGiCo (UK) Limited brings together the design and development skills that have helped create some of the world's most popular, successful and ground-breaking live sound consoles, with the digital engineering expertise and manufacturing...

Product Information



The D5 RE stand alone outboard engine system provides total audio engine redundancy through a few simple connections to any DigiCo D5 Live console. The package is flight cased and contains a complete D5 engine assembly, two PSU's, trackball keyboard and mouse for set-up procedure.

To get up and running, the RE is daisy-chained to the console and stage racks via standard D5 optical fibre Cables and additionally, connected from MADI port 2 on the RE to the auxiliary MADI port on the D5 local rack with two 5 metre BNC MADI Cables (supplied). A crossed ethernet networking cable is then connected between the CAT5 ports on console engine and RE and you are ready to sync sessions to enable the RE to mirror the D5 console.

Once set up, if the master audio engine develops a problem, audio is automatically and transparently switched to the Redundant Engine without any interruption in program material.

The Redundant Engine always mirrors the master console's settings enabling the operator to transfer audio processing transparently back and forth between master console and RE at any time with the press of a single screen button.


DiGiCo (UK) Limited brings together the design and development skills that have helped create some of the world's most popular, successful and ground-breaking live sound consoles, with the digital engineering expertise and manufacturing resources of Soundtracs. The company was formed in 2002 to develop the D5 Live digital mixing system, a revolutionary approach to both the live sound console and the way it interfaces with both ends of the audio chain. In basing a console around a powerful DSP engine using proven Soundtracs hardware and software, but with features dedicated to live sound mixing, DiGiCo created the world‚??s first truly open-ended console system, for which additional features will be made available in new software versions. This design philosophy ensures your investment in state of the art audio technology today will remain state of the art in the future. The D5 Live from DiGiCo: science dedicated to advancing the art of live sound engineering. Soundtracs was formed in the early 1980s by a group of recording engineers in search of a better studio console than those available at the time. The team‚??s success led to two decades of audio innovation and, in 1992, its first development of a digital audio mixing console. In 1996 this program led to the launch of the acclaimed Virtua console, followed a year later by the DPC, in 1998 the DS3 and in 2000 the D4. Since 2000 the company‚??s product range has been based entirely on digital audio. Along the way a host of new technologies has been introduced, including the first use by a console manufacturer of the revolutionary Sharc DSP from Analog Devices, a faster, more efficient processor than any then on the market, the first (and still the most comprehensive) use of multiple TFT LCD touchscreens, a pioneer in the use of a 96kHz sample rate, and the first to run multiple sample rates simultaneously. This is just some of the experience that has gone into creating the D1 Live digital mixing system, the latest innovation from one of the pioneers of professional digital audio.

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Audio mixers, or sound consoles, are electronic sound mixing boards used to combine two or more audio signals, before directing them to the output channels connected to the device. Sound consoles do a great deal more than just combining different audio signals they allow users to optimize the sound output in a number of ways adjusting various sound levels, enhancing sound with special effects and equalization etc, allowing for unmatched control over the end product.

D5 RE - D5 RE with flight case in great condition. Previously used in an installation.

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