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Item #14799
DYNACORD Alpha V-1-90 3-Way Speaker System
Middle East

$44,496 USD
€41.862 EUR
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Like New
1 Unit
Middle East
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All Items are Brand New and boxed up. They are Still in the Same Condition they were Delivered to us in our Warehouse, in their Original Packaging and Shipping Crates.

This is a Complete Full System, Suitable for any Midsized Club, Bar, Pub, Banquet Hall, Small Outdoor or Indoor Entertainment Event Area.

This is the Original BOQ for Dynacord along with manufacturer website links

Speakers :
DYNACORD Alpha V-1/90 3-Way Speaker System (90), Horn Loaded, Active Operation - QTY 2

Horn system / Bass Bins :
Alpha B-6 1 x 18 Planar Waveguide Horn System,1000W/500W - QTY 2

Digital Sound Processor :
DSP244 Digital Sound System Processor - QTY 2

Power Amplifiers :
LX2200/230V High-efficiency Switch mode- QTY 2

LX3000/230V Dual Channel Power - QTY 2

Rack System and Power :
CP-48 NF-Connector Panel - QTY 1
AC-32 32A AC Panel - QTY 1
Rack Build 14U 1pcs - QTY 1
14 U Amplifiers Rack - QTY 1
Full set of cables and connectors
Dynacord V1-90 Speaker system with Amp Rack:

DYNACORD Alpha V-1/90 3-Way Speaker System (90), Horn Loaded, Active Operation - QTY 2

Alpha B-6 1 x 18 Planar Waveguide Horn System,1000W/500W - QTY 2

Alpha Rack 14U
DSP244 Digital Sound System Processor - QTY 2
LX2200/230V High-efficiency Switch mode- QTY 2
LX3000/230V Dual Channel Power - QTY 2

Amplifier - QTY 2

CP-48 NF-Connector Panel - QTY 1
AC-32 32A AC Panel - QTY 1
Rack Build 14U 1pcs - QTY 1
14 U Amplifiers Rack - QTY 1

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Used alpha V-1 90 For Sale
DYNACORD Alpha V-1-90 3-Way Speaker System

$44,496 USD
€41.862 EUR
More currencies
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Product Details
alpha V-1 90

alpha V-1 90

The alpha V-1/90 is concepted as a 3-way cabinet in a Coaxial-In-Line topology and serves as a MID-HI component in the large sound reinforcement system alpha.

In conjunction with Dynacord/alpha-b3' style='color:blue ; ' title='Alpha B3'>Alpha B3 or alpha B6 the recommended x-over frequency to the Subwoofers is 100Hz. The recommended x-over filter transfer function is Butterworth 12dB/octave. The polarity of the Subwoofer channel has to be switched to ??invertedat the active x-over unit (e.g. DSP 260, DSP244). An Electro-Voice EVM15L Pro-Line woofer works into a LO-MID short-horn. The HI-MID frequency range is radiated by an Electro-Voice HP64S rotatable horn system driven by a DH 7 driver. The HI range above 8kHz is reproduced by Dynacord's HFR 2508 ring radiators with an extremely wide polar pattern. This assures a very comfortable near-field sound quality. Excellent far-throw capabilities are realized due to the Coaxial-In-Line topology of the cabinet.

The alpha V-1/90 is equipped with a passive x-over for the HI transducer and can be Operated in active 2-way mode (LO-MID, HI-MID+HI) or active 3-way mode (LO-MID, HI-MID, HI). The Operating mode can easily be selected by slide switches at the rear panel. Every transducer is reliably protected against critical power levels and short-tem thermal overload by thermo switches and professional halogen radiators in all Operational modes.

The alpha V-1/90 connector panel is equipped with an 8-pole Speakon connector which helps to prevent erroneous connections. The alpha V-1/90 cabinet is made of high-density Mediapan. All corner joints and braces are grooved and glued. The cabinet surface is varnished in structural black. A heavy, powder-coated steel grille protects the front of the cabinet.

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Brands like DYNACORD, ELECTRO-VOICE, RTS and others are under the roof of Bosch Communications, Inc. EVI Audio GmbH as the European headquarters with the electronics manufacturing is located in Straubing, Germany. The loudspeaker boxes are produced in a second facility in Hohenwarth, approximately 45 km away. In Europe approximately 650 employees are occupied, approximately 500 of which are in Germany. Regional PI-distribution offices are in all large areas of business concentration across Germany. EVI Audio GmbH is also responsible for the activities of the subsidiaries in France and UK and for the territory of Africa and Middle East. The place of work is Straubing, a mid-size city in close proximity to the Bavarian Forest with his many idyllic little villages. This area offers all amenities and schools close by and all possibilities of living, leisure and sports.
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