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AudioAdded 3 days agoL-AcousticsSB2824
AudioEastern Acoustic WorksKF75012
AudioCamcoVortex 200V4 More Details »
AudioDigiCoSD71 More Details »
AudioAVIDProfile Surface1 More Details »
LightingMartin Sharpy 330 Wash4 More Details »
VideoChristie DigitalL2K10002 More Details »
VideoChristie DigitalMirage 4K251 More Details »
Recently Added Listings
BrandModelConditionYearQtyPrice USDPrice EUR
YamahaUsed PM5000PM5000Excellent20041$20,668 USD€18.700 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 700 ProfileMAC 700 ProfileExcellent200856$1,337 USD€1.210 EURView »
DB AudiotechnikUsed C6C6Normal Wear20044$3,813 USD€3.450 EURView »
Adamson Systems EngineeringUsed Y18Y18Normal Wear200124$3,050 USD€2.760 EURView »
YamahaUsed PM5D-RHPM5D-RHNormal Wear20051$14,744 USD€13.340 EURView »
MidasUsed XL200XL200Normal Wear20001$2,400 USD€2.282 EURView »
MidasUsed PRO6PRO6Excellent20101$27,355 USD€24.750 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed Alpha Spot 700Alpha Spot 700Excellent201210$3,369 USD€3.048 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed Alpha Wash 700Alpha Wash 700Excellent201210$3,369 USD€3.048 EURView »
MA LightingUsed grandMA LightgrandMA LightNormal Wear20082$7,800 USD€7.415 EURView »
JBLUsed VRX PackageVRX PackageExcellent20082$6,795 USD€6.148 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 101MAC 101Normal Wear20033$1,006 USD€956 EURView »
Electro-VoiceUsed Xsub fXsub fNormal Wear20041$12,647 USD€11.443 EURView »
Electro-VoiceUsed Xlci118Xlci118Excellent20071$7,626 USD€6.900 EURView »
MA LightingUsed MA onPC Command WingMA onPC Command WingLike New20151$4,111 USD€3.720 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed DMX Processor 8000DMX Processor 8000Like New20161$1,800 USD€1.711 EURView »
BarcoUsed RLM W14RLM W14Excellent20149$28,175 USD€26.785 EURView »
BarcoUsed HDX W20 FlexHDX W20 FlexExcellent201336$33,925 USD€32.251 EURView »
BarcoUsed HDF W30HDF W30Excellent201320$46,200 USD€43.920 EURView »
BarcoUsed RLM W12RLM W12Normal Wear20141$22,425 USD€21.319 EURView »
BarcoUsed HDF W26HDF W26Excellent20131$22,800 USD€21.675 EURView »
CoemarUsed iSpot 575 EBiSpot 575 EBNormal Wear20098$691 USD€625 EURView »
YamahaUsed LS9-32LS9-32Like New20121$4,015 USD€3.633 EURView »
ElationUsed Platinum-Spot-5RPlatinum-Spot-5RExcellent201336$1,260 USD€1.140 EURView »
PR LightingUsed Pilot 1200Pilot 1200Excellent20078$387 USD€350 EURView »
Allen and HeathUsed ML4000ML4000Normal Wear20041$1,974 USD€1.786 EURView »
Electro-VoiceUsed DMS 1183DMS 1183Normal Wear19981$4,111 USD€3.720 EURView »
SoundcraftUsed MH3MH3Normal Wear20091$2,161 USD€1.955 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed V-DOSC PackageV-DOSC PackageNormal Wear20001$44,160 USD€41.981 EURView »
MA LightingUsed grandMA Ultra LightgrandMA Ultra LightExcellent20081$9,127 USD€8.258 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed dV-DOSCdV-DOSCExcellent20071$38,904 USD€35.200 EURView »
Christie DigitalUsed Christie Mirage HD14K-M with lensesChristie Mirage HD14K-M with lensesNormal Wear20131$20,972 USD€18.975 EURView »
Electro-VoiceUsed Rx 118Rx 118Excellent20041$15,661 USD€14.170 EURView »
YamahaUsed PM5D-RHPM5D-RHNormal Wear20072$12,710 USD€11.500 EURView »
RobeUsed MMX WashBeamMMX WashBeamExcellent20146$3,846 USD€3.480 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed Wholehog IIIWholehog IIINormal Wear20072$3,220 USD€3.061 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3500 SpotVL3500 SpotNormal Wear200812$4,783 USD€4.547 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed Road Hog Full BoarRoad Hog Full BoarNormal Wear20111$4,991 USD€4.745 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed SharpySharpyNormal Wear2012523$1,844 USD€1.668 EURView »
NexoUsed PS10-R2PS10-R2Brand New201712$1,008 USD€912 EURView »
MA LightingUsed VPU Plus MK2VPU Plus MK2Excellent20133$15,252 USD€13.800 EURView »
Adamson Systems EngineeringUsed SpekTrixSpekTrixExcellent20111$97,261 USD€88.000 EURView »
AvolitesUsed Pearl 2000Pearl 2000Excellent19991$1,395 USD€1.326 EURView »
MidasUsed Heritage 4000Heritage 4000Excellent20031$21,089 USD€20.048 EURView »
MidasUsed Heritage 3000Heritage 3000Excellent20021$19,958 USD€18.973 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed KivaKivaExcellent201012$1,398 USD€1.265 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed 112P112PNormal Wear20096$2,034 USD€1.840 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed LA8LA8Normal Wear20089$4,620 USD€4.180 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed 115XT HiQ115XT HiQNormal Wear200724$1,167 USD€1.056 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed A.leda B-EYE K20A.leda B-EYE K20Excellent201425$3,940 USD€3.565 EURView »
AyrtonUsed Magic Panel 602Magic Panel 602Excellent201466$1,989 USD€1.800 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed Sharpy Wash Sharpy Wash Normal Wear201124$2,668 USD€2.414 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed Alpha Wash 1200Alpha Wash 1200Normal Wear2008167$1,905 USD€1.724 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed DP 8000DP 8000Like New20111$2,645 USD€2.514 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed KUDOKUDONormal Wear20081$179,049 USD€162.000 EURView »
AvolitesUsed Pearl 2000Pearl 2000Normal Wear20001$1,398 USD€1.265 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3500 WashVL3500 WashExcellent200864$4,559 USD€4.125 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3500 Wash FXVL3500 Wash FXNormal Wear201242$4,741 USD€4.290 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 600MAC 600Normal Wear200418$928 USD€840 EURView »
DolbyUsed Lake Processor LP8D8Lake Processor LP8D8Excellent20081$3,316 USD€3.000 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed 112P112PNormal Wear200712$1,989 USD€1.800 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 401 Dual RGB ZoomMAC 401 Dual RGB ZoomNormal Wear201010$1,008 USD€958 EURView »
Meyer SoundUsed 700-HP700-HPLike New20052$6,600 USD€6.274 EURView »
I-PIXUsed BB 4 WashlightBB 4 WashlightNormal Wear201040$611 USD€553 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed V-DOSCV-DOSCNormal Wear20071$350,900 USD€333.586 EURView »
Meyer SoundUsed MSL-4PMSL-4PExcellent20031$18,975 USD€18.039 EURView »
Clair BrosUsed 12 AM Stage Monitors12 AM Stage MonitorsNormal Wear201012$25,875 USD€24.598 EURView »
Adamson Systems EngineeringUsed MetrixMetrixLike New20101$87,890 USD€83.553 EURView »
RolandUsed M-200iM-200iLike New20151$2,400 USD€2.282 EURView »
RolandXS-82HXS-82HBrand New20161$3,000 USD€2.852 EURView »
RobeUsed BMFL SpotBMFL SpotExcellent201410$6,565 USD€5.940 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 250 BeamMAC 250 BeamNormal Wear201015$729 USD€660 EURView »
Adamson Systems EngineeringUsed MetrixMetrixExcellent20141$89,888 USD€85.453 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed Maxxyz CompactMaxxyz CompactNormal Wear20103$5,040 USD€4.791 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 101MAC 101Normal Wear201038$1,222 USD€1.162 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL1000 Tungsten ERSVL1000 Tungsten ERSExcellent200619$2,164 USD€1.958 EURView »
AVIDUsed Venue ProfileVenue ProfileExcellent20091$17,794 USD€16.100 EURView »
DB TechnologiesUsed DVA S30NDVA S30NBrand New20154$2,880 USD€2.738 EURView »
SoundcraftUsed Vi6Vi6Excellent20101$15,252 USD€13.800 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed Atomic 3000 DMXAtomic 3000 DMXNormal Wear20094$678 USD€645 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed Atomic 3000 DMXAtomic 3000 DMXNormal Wear20102$558 USD€530 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed Sharpy Wash 330Sharpy Wash 330Excellent201412$2,918 USD€2.640 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC 250 WashMAC 250 WashNormal Wear200913$597 USD€540 EURView »
YamahaUsed M7CL-48M7CL-48Normal Wear20092$4,828 USD€4.368 EURView »
MA LightingUsed grandMA FullgrandMA FullNormal Wear20061$8,700 USD€7.872 EURView »
ShurePSM 700PSM 700Excellent20081$4,025 USD€3.826 EURView »
BarcoUsed TLD  1.6 - 2.0 lensTLD 1.6 - 2.0 lensExcellent20062$2,160 USD€2.053 EURView »
NexoUsed GEO D10GEO D10Excellent20071$69,055 USD€62.480 EURView »
MA LightingUsed grandMA MicrograndMA MicroExcellent20081$3,813 USD€3.450 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed Hog 500Hog 500Normal Wear20071$910 USD€865 EURView »
Eastern Acoustic WorksUsed KF761KF761Excellent201312$2,653 USD€2.400 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed Maxxyz CompactMaxxyz CompactNormal Wear20081$2,640 USD€2.510 EURView »
AvolitesUsed Pearl TigerPearl TigerExcellent20111$3,316 USD€3.000 EURView »
Meyer SoundUsed MICAMICANormal Wear20061$54,709 USD€49.500 EURView »
Meyer SoundUsed MelodieMelodieNormal Wear20096$3,050 USD€2.760 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3500 Wash  VL3500 Wash Normal Wear200913$2,653 USD€2.400 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC III ProfileMAC III ProfileNormal Wear200332$2,335 USD€2.220 EURView »
DolbyUsed Lake Processor LP4D12Lake Processor LP4D12Normal Wear20104$4,200 USD€3.993 EURView »
BarcoUsed SLM R12+ SLM R12+ Normal Wear20062$4,370 USD€4.154 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed LC 1140 PlusLC 1140 PlusNormal Wear200812$1,035 USD€984 EURView »
Featured & HOT Deals
BrandModelConditionYearQtyPrice USDPrice EUR
L-AcousticsUsed LA8 (R3 Version)LA8 (R3 Version)Normal Wear100$4,540 USD€4.211 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3000 SpotVL3000 SpotNormal Wear200730$1,592 USD€1.440 EURView »
Meyer SoundUsed MelodieMelodieNormal Wear201110$3,696 USD€3.514 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC Viper PerformanceMAC Viper PerformanceNormal Wear20098$7,129 USD€6.450 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC Viper ProfileMAC Viper Profile24$4,900 USD€4.658 EURView »
MA LightingUsed grandMA2 FullgrandMA2 FullExcellent20121$36,224 USD€32.775 EURView »
MA LightingUsed grandMA2 FullgrandMA2 FullNormal Wear20095$32,500 USD€30.896 EURView »
Christie DigitalUsed Boxer 4K30Boxer 4K30B-Stock20141$49,500 USD€47.058 EURView »
YamahaUsed PM5D-RHPM5D-RHExcellent20061$12,583 USD€11.385 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC AuraMAC AuraNormal Wear201360$2,013 USD€1.914 EURView »
Martin ProfessionalUsed MAC Aura XBMAC Aura XBExcellent201424$2,750 USD€2.614 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed 115XT HiQ115XT HiQNormal Wear200724$1,167 USD€1.056 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed KivaKivaExcellent201012$1,398 USD€1.265 EURView »
L-AcousticsV-DOSCV-DOSCNormal Wear42$2,788 USD€2.586 EURView »
L-AcousticsUsed V-DOSC PackageV-DOSC PackageNormal Wear20001$44,160 USD€41.981 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed Road Hog Full Boar 3Road Hog Full Boar 3Normal Wear20112$5,320 USD€5.058 EURView »
db audiotechnikUsed D12D12Excellent200856$2,034 USD€1.840 EURView »
Clay PakyUsed Sharpy Wash 330Sharpy Wash 330Excellent19$2,520 USD€2.396 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed Moving Light Blowout (Taking Offers)Moving Light Blowout (Taking Offers)Normal Wear1Call for Price(404) 817-9300View »
Vari-LiteUsed VL2000 WashVL2000 WashNormal Wear200346$550 USD€523 EURView »
Vari-LiteVL2500 SpotVL2500 SpotNormal Wear2004100$1,857 USD€1.680 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3000 WashVL3000 WashNormal Wear200417$2,514 USD€2.390 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VL3500 Wash  VL3500 Wash Normal Wear200913$2,653 USD€2.400 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VLX WashVLX WashNormal Wear200969$1,293 USD€1.170 EURView »
Vari-LiteUsed VLX WashVLX WashExcellent20135$947 USD€857 EURView »
PanasonicUsed TH70LF50UTH70LF50ULike New201682$4,900 USD€4.658 EURView »
JBLUsed S25 PackageS25 PackageLike New20164$4,186 USD€3.979 EURView »
JBLUsed VT4888VT4888Excellent20068$2,818 USD€2.550 EURView »
JBLVTX S28VTX S28Excellent13$7,207 USD€6.851 EURView »
Eastern Acoustic WorksUsed Anya Adaptive System by EAWAnya Adaptive System by EAWExcellent20121$416,900 USD€396.330 EURView »
Adamson Systems EngineeringUsed Y10Y10Normal Wear200844$2,190 USD€2.082 EURView »
Color KineticsUsed ColorBlast 12 TRColorBlast 12 TRNormal Wear20073$3,600 USD€3.422 EURView »
AyrtonUsed WildBeamWildBeamExcellent2013100$990 USD€941 EURView »
ShureUsed PSM 1000PSM 1000Excellent20121$3,316 USD€3.000 EURView »
SGMUsed P-5P-5Excellent201390$1,866 USD€1.688 EURView »
GLPUsed Impression 120 RZImpression 120 RZNormal Wear2010200$675 USD€611 EURView »
GLPUsed Impression 240XLImpression 240XLNormal Wear120$901 USD€815 EURView »
High End SystemsUsed Road Hog 4Road Hog 4NEW2017$12,000 (Web Price)
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BarcoHDQ-2K40HDQ-2K40Excellent6Call for Price(404) 817-9300View »
Meyer SoundUsed 700-HP700-HPNormal Wear20096$3,420 USD€3.094 EURView »