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Mobile stages are used as an alternative to larger, temporary concert stages when a smaller performance area is required. This kind of trailer stage is often see in low budget concerts, or concerts where only smaller crowds are expected to attend the performance. They are also used when a concert Venue needs to be set up in a place that isn??t so easily accessible.
Basically, mobile stages are trucks that come with fold up stages inside them. The truck simply drives straight to the concert Venue where the stage is going to be, and then the stage is unfolded and set up right there and then.

Mobile stages are specifically designed so that they can be transported safely and erected outdoors in almost any Venue, including sports stadiums, parks, fields or anywhere else that a concert might be held. They are able to withstand most extreme weather conditions, and have a very good safety record, which makes them a popular choice of Portable Stage for outdoor events.

The mobile trailer equipment used to set up more advance mobile stages includes pre-assembled staging structures, made from heavy duty panels. These are unfolded quickly and easily by a hydraulic mechanism, and transform into a self standing stage which can be covered or uncovered, depending on the type. This design makes setting up mobile stages less labor-intensive, as much as 90% less when compared to traditional outdoor stages that come packed on a truck and have to be assembled manually.

Mobile Stages Brands & Manufacturers

Stageline Mobile Stage

Stageline Mobile Stage Mobile Stages

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Stageline was the first company in the world to market the covered mobile stage, a specially designed semi-trailer equipped with a highly advanced hydraulic system. Stageline has revolutionized and radically simplified the organization of outdoor...

Staging Dimensions

Staging Dimensions Mobile Stages

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Staging Dimensions, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of quality portable staging products and related accessories that can be applied to any situation that requires portable staging.Whether your staging needs are for our standard products...

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